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Top 10 IT Training and Certification Courses of 2018

Top 10 IT Training and Certification Courses of 2018

We are in the age of technology. Each industrial sector is integrated with new and advanced technological products. IT (Information Technology) has become the backbone of today’s human civilization. There is no doubt that students or professionals with high aspirations should opt for the trending IT training and certification courses today. High salary packages, big brands, fruitful career, and a host of job opportunities are going to knock on your door if you enroll in the top 10 global IT training courses.

1. SAP

SAP programming is the present and the future of the world of technology. There are several applications and languages ​​floating in the market that need SAP support for their improvement. Some of the SAP training and certification courses are SAP-FI (Finance), SAP-CO (Controlling), SAP-SD (Sales and Distribution), SAP-MM (Materials Management), SAP-HR (Human Resources) , SAP HANA. , SAP-SCM (Supply Chain Management), etc. All the SAP training courses mentioned offer a great career and high salary packages.

2. PHP

Today’s industrialization is incomplete without the support of the web world or websites. PHP is the open source programming language developed and integrated into various HTML processes. A career in PHP assures participants skills with a thorough knowledge of the scripting language and details concerning it. Most of the PHP training and certification offers quick availability of work in small, medium and large companies and online mega stores without effort.

3. Big Data Hadoop

It is a Java-based open source programming framework that stores and supports the operation, processing and storage of large databases / sets in a distributed computing environment. Big data Hadoop is used where companies have the largest data cluster for users. Big Data Hadoop includes one source for reporting and machine learning, for storing and processing small data, data compression and logs, tracking and managing server activity, metrics and storage, data analysis and search, optimization and research. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo, AOL, Adobe, Accenture, Datagraph, Google, Hotels & Hosting, Web Alliance, and also the major well-known companies that are completely dependent on Hadoop. Therefore, having Big Data Hadoop training and certification will take you to the highest peak in your career path.

4. Ethical piracy

The best way to check your internet security system is to hack into it. If you can’t break the lock on your own door, no one else can! Hacking, there is only one side of the coin known to most of us! However, ethical hacking is the next valuable, work-oriented solution that IT companies and other industries are adapting today. The Ethical Hacking Training and Certification is designed to implement a robust security system in a domain or between domains. The course includes protecting digital assets from being hacked by hackers.

5. Oracle

A career in DBA is one of the best things that happened in your career desires. Since the last two decades, there have been numerous companies that have implemented Oracle in the domain. A DBA career is in widespread demand in companies located in India, as well as on all continents. An aspirant planning to further a career at Oracle needs to upgrade by enrolling in the latest specially designed Oracle training and certification course in accordance with industry compliance.

6. Cloud computing

Internet-based technology is used to access remote servers, applications, files, and other media from anywhere and on any device. Such computing helps provide centralized data processing, authentic access, dedicated storage, and centralized information processing through an encrypted form. Cloud means the Internet that can be accessed from any geographic region. No hard drive or storage medium is required to save a file or even download big data. Everything stays on remote servers; You just need to log in with a credential and an Internet-savvy device to access the cloud. Enroll in Cloud Computing Training and Certification Today!

7. Robotics

Robotics is one of the most advanced and unique technologies known in the world. This technology has its own unique demands in the automotive, aviation, machinery and aircraft industries. To be the best robotics candidate, you must enroll in a recognized robotics training and certification institute. The platform is used for the development of large robotics such as Robotics with 8051, Robotics with ARM, Robotics with AVR, Matlab Robotics and Robotics with Pic.

8. SharePoint

SharePoint is a Microsoft product and is used to manage documents in cloud computing. For a full skill based on hands-on experience, enroll in SharePoint Training and Certification course that provides SharePoint classes in Windows SharePoint 2012, Role installation with Server Administrator, Administration with PowerShell, Server Core Deployment, local and remote server management, Windows Server 2012 R2 protection and Server performance optimization.

9. Networking course

Technology needs networks to share and receive all kinds of data. Connecting two different servers, network devices, or even one or more domains located on all continents requires well-trained network professionals. The management, administration, and security of voice and data transmission over WANs are job responsibilities of networking professionals. From now on, having network course training and certification allows you to get a quick job placement in IT and non-IT companies effortlessly.

10. Linux RedHat

It’s been a decade that the open source Linux platform has dominated the IT industry. Linux servers and desktop operating system are available at cheap prices or preloaded deals. Getting quick Linux training and certification ensures you get a job with any company, including multinationals.

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