The history of Daewoo Corporation – and a bit of Korean wisdom

Business today is an international affair, ranging from small start-ups working from home to large multinational conglomerates. If you are an entrepreneur looking to make your mark, then you need to understand how the greats did it and how they are still doing it today. Therefore, I would like to recommend you a very good international business success story and […]

A massive blind spot that is making some Facebook business page owners miss out on getting NEW fans

In order for anyone to SEARCH and find your Facebook fan page, or even your personal Facebook profile, you MUST be logged into Facebook. This implies that he/she would ALREADY have a Facebook account. And that’s the BLIND SPOT – not everyone has a Facebook account – yet, especially in Nigeria. Compared to our adoption of Yahoo! and Hotmail email […]

Build strong legs for volleyball with 1 exercise!

As a volleyball player, you must have a significant amount of leg strength and power to perform on the court. From the jabs, digs, and dunks you do throughout a single game, your legs better have some “springy” action to be competitive. To find out how you can achieve this, keep reading! Building strong legs for volleyball! As a strength […]

Writing and selling e-books.

Those days are gone when it required enough operating cost to start a traditional business. In those businesses, a place or area is needed for the operation of the store or office, records, manpower to help customers maintain all inventories, from expensive raw materials to the cheapest clips and pins. However, the case is different in business today; people would […]

The school lunch program is starving

The school lunch program Healthy food makes healthy children, right? Right, but for children to eat healthy foods, they must first have access to them. Unfortunately, healthy foods are hard to come by in today’s school lunch program. School cafeterias are sadly underfunded, even with the assistance of the Child Nutrition Act. Signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson […]

sunless tanning lotion

The word “tan” means to soften any type of skin so that it looks fresh and wrinkle-free. The concept of sunless tanning is the same as that applied in a tan in that it protects our skin from harmful rays as well as skin cancer. This gives a natural tanned look to the skin of the users. All sunless tanning […]

10 Writing Prompts and Assessment for Students: From Astrological Predictions to Beauty Tips

Clarifying the understanding of one of the new concepts is a necessary and powerful part of the learning process. In many classrooms, ensuring the time and learning experiences that would give students the opportunity to consolidate and apply their new learning has been sidelined due to fears of high-stakes exams. In fact, we have diminished student learning by missing out […]