How to write a simple business plan for a transportation business

While it’s true that some of the largest transportation companies started from very humble beginnings, the one thing that virtually all successful companies share is a well-thought-out, strategic business plan. Often, writing a business plan can be perceived as a tedious and time-consuming task, only finished when the bank manager insists on it; however, it is an exciting opportunity to […]

The difference between social media and social media

Is there a difference between social media and social networking sites? There is a big difference in the terminology of social media and social networking. Although many people use both terms interchangeably, you can isolate them, as well as websites that successfully embody one or the other. When you remove the word social from both terms, you’re left with media […]

Perfspot: a unique social website

Perfspot is one of the new social networking websites out there. It was launched in March 2007. Perfspot is a social networking website. Perfspot primarily targets teenagers and young professionals, and was the UK’s fastest growing social website in 2007. The minimum age to join this website is 13 years. The site is aimed at college students and young professionals. […]

Stalin’s Madness Book Review

Stalin’s Folly by Constaine Pleshakov is an in-depth account of the first ten days of Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union. Joseph Stalin bore a large part of the blame for the Red Army’s failure to repel the German invasion, ceding hundreds of miles of Soviet territory and millions of lives to the Germans. Soviet military leaders are also to […]

Marketing Mix: The 4 Best Promotion Mix Tactics

The marketing mix is ​​part of your marketing plan. Define product, place, price and promotion. Combining promotions aims to increase product or brand awareness, communicate your product’s unique value proposition, and gain acceptance of your products. The main objective and focus of the promotional mix is ​​to obtain the desired result: the sale of your product. There are more than […]