Keep your beautiful hair healthy

They say, “What you eat is what you are.” What you eat reflects who you are physically, emotionally and mentally. Health is wealth as they say. However, do you have healthy hair like your healthy body? There are people who are healthy enough but have brittle hair and lose their hair at a young age, but there are also people […]

Learn about the best 5 universities to do your MBA online

The MBA degree is a coveted degree among many to increase not only earning potential but also career options. Students often wait two more years to complete their MBA degrees, even after landing a job after graduation because the experience, skills, and networks created while earning this degree help them in the future. This can eliminate them even in difficult […]

Where is the Customer in the Six Sigma Process?

What people don’t realize is that the driving force behind the need for these changes is the specifications of the customers themselves; therefore, it is absolutely true to say that the customer is at the center of every Six Sigma step. Improved bottom lines and reduced operating costs are secondary benefits when the real goal of achieving the highest levels […]

Advantages of the Forex Scalping Method

Specular forex trading is one of the newer methods that is becoming more and more popular among traders. Instead of analyzing market conditions for currency trends and hoping to make a lot of money, this method focuses on short-term trades, which typically last just a few minutes. Profits may be small compared to long-term trades that involve large swings in […]

Travel Neck Pillow – Neck Pain Relief Solution

The average person spends about a third of their life sleeping, and therefore it pays to look into long-term neck pain relief solutions. Neck pillows can be used during plane, train or car travel, just like a travel neck pillow, or even at home. Pillows that lack proper support can lead to poor neck posture and, as a result, headaches, […]

Holidays are Inn: Share the traditions of your beloved B&Bs

Buying gifts, viewing the Christmas lights, celebrating with friends and family, or simply relaxing by the fire: these are timeless traditions that we all love and share, regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity because they symbolize abiding hope: peace and goodwill among men. Perhaps no one is more aware of the importance of such traditions than the owners of our […]

Background Check Guide for Small Business Owners

Over the past decade, pre-employment background checks have become a standard risk management tool for American employers, both large and small. Fear of negligent hiring lawsuits, the need to comply with state and federal mandates, and the high cost associated with employee turnover have significantly increased the number of companies conducting pre-employment assessments. For smaller companies without compliance and/or risk […]

Strategic communications in a multinational environment

Developing an effective strategic communications strategy can be challenging in even the most ordinary circumstances, but when you factor in the global economic downturn, it can make communicating with an international audience a daunting task. And you also have to consider the political, social and institutional climate that never seems to stop changing.   What seems like an effective strategy […]