The specific heat of humans

Pancake is waffle like man is aluminum? Well yes indeed. Pancakes and waffles have a lot in common, and it turns out that metals and humans do too. What is this shared value? Specific heat! Remember high school chemistry class when we set different metal objects on fire and then measured how fast or slow the object would heat up […]

Should a Product Manager be Batman or the Lone Ranger?

Product managers are responsible for making many decisions about our products as they are developed; however, one of the most important decisions has to be whether we are going to partner with another company to develop a product. It’s the classic “Batman” type of decision (he has a partner named Robin) versus “The Lone Ranger.” Which way should you take? […]

The Prison Cell Training

Have you ever noticed that many convicted criminals enter prison as skinny punks but come out with 20-40 pounds of new muscle? Have you ever wondered how it is possible? Recently, a client of mine asked me if I thought it was possible to build muscle, burn fat, and have a lean, muscular physique without lifting weights. While I thought […]

Old Stock Certificates Can Hit Major League Prices

Sitting in the back of many dusty filing cabinets and drawers can be a little treasure for the unsuspecting. While your portfolio may have dwindled during the last bear market, your previous stock certificates may be worth more than the original stocks they once represented. The old stock certificates have become quite valuable. Electronic record keeping has made the issuance […]

A guide to buying an electric scooter

If you drive an electric scooter, you can reach your destination 5 times faster than walking. At the same time, you will be very environmentally friendly. Unlike a bicycle, if you ride a scooter, you won’t sweat. However, when purchasing one, we suggest that you consider a few important factors, such as reliability, range, weight, size, and speed. In this […]

How to overcome the tests of joy and dance!

When was the last time you tried out for a team and failed? Did you leave that day feeling disappointed wondering where you failed? Or did you leave thinking that you just didn’t have what it takes? Either way, you’re in luck. There is a real way to beat tests that a lot of people don’t know about. However, before […]

Recover from your setbacks

While preparing this article, I began to think about failures and setbacks. I have found that we have all experienced failures and setbacks at some point. In any field or industry, the difference between champions and everyone else is how they respond to setbacks. I saw the movie ‘Invincible’ the other day. The main character of the film was pursuing […]

American identity: the identity of the guns

In general, the term identity defines as everything that makes an entity with different qualities and characteristics recognizable and distinguishable from others. A person’s identity includes a sense of continuity, a sense of uniqueness from others, and a sense of affiliation; by them an individual is recognized. There are several different types of identity, such as cultural identity, social identity, […]