Entrepreneurship: The dreaded 16-letter word!

Entrepreneurship! This 16 letter word has so much power and yet projects so much fear. It’s a dreaded word for some and a liberating journey for others. For me it is a liberating journey. Yes, it’s challenging. It definitely gets difficult at times. There are days when you are going to feel like you are on your last stretch of […]

Improve attraction, chemistry and the spark in your dates!

You CAN control the level of attraction and chemistry created in your dating and interactions with the opposite sex, at least to a certain extent. There are numerous factors and components involved in creating the attraction (as well as destroying it), so it’s very smart to understand how it works and what those critical components are, so you can control […]

Book Review On Becoming a Wise Baby

In fact, I’m a little nervous about reviewing this book. This highly debated approach to parenting is often either loved or hated. Baby Wise uses an eat-play-sleep cycle and parent-directed feeding. Eat-play-sleep is simply getting your child to eat, having your child stimulated for a while (length depends on age), and then having your child sleep until it’s time to […]

Fun-Filled Attractions in St. Croix – US Virgin Islands!

St. Croix is ​​the largest of the US Virgin Islands and has more to offer when it comes to must-see attractions and exciting things to do. On St. Croix you’ll find lively festivals, interesting history tours, and plenty of shopping opportunities. When you visit St. Croix, be sure to take a sightseeing tour of the island and enjoy the charming […]

Psychic Healing – Miracle Cure or Dungeons and Dragons?

Imagine being treated for cancer, burns, or high blood pressure without the help of drugs or surgery. Imagine even being cured of those diseases simply by someone who wishes you to be cured. That is the premise behind psychic healing, laying on of hands, therapeutic touch and/or distance healing. In my third novel, which is still in the idea stage, […]

Learn more about a divorce lawyer

As time modernizes, people surround themselves with rules, laws, and mostly need a lawyer. A person who practices law is called a lawyer, and lawyers come in many kinds. Today, divorce has become a very important issue since it affects not only the couple but probably their children as well. A divorce attorney has a great role in handling these […]