RSS feeds: everything you need to know

You’ve seen the acronym RSS everywhere. Most blogs ask you to subscribe to their RSS feeds, but what is it? It commonly stands for Really Simple Syndication and is another way of posting articles and website updates, particularly blogs and news sites, audio and video sites, which are updated frequently. An RSS feed can be displayed as a full text […]

Chocolate gifts make the heart more loving

What better way to say “I love you” to that special someone than by giving away chocolates. Valentine’s Day is an occasion when people from all over the world express their love, not only with hugs, kisses and cards, but also with chocolates. You can give your special someone a variety of chocolate gifts on Valentine’s Day. Love and chocolates […]

Turn up the heat with the Nintendo Wii Fit balance board

Nintendo has taken the concept of gaming as an exercise to a new level with the inclusion of the Nintendo Wii Fit Balance Board. This peripheral can tell you exactly how well or how badly you are doing with your various activities. As such, Nintendo heavily markets this groundbreaking title as a combination of fitness and fun. For the most […]

For ESL Students – Cranberries

Blueberries are one of the traditional parts of Thanksgiving dinner in the US and Canada. Even families who never eat them at other times, and may not really like them, have cranberry sauce to go with the turkey. Blueberries grow throughout Canada and the northern states, as well as other northern countries. Shrubs need moist places, called swamps, to grow. […]

Are we reincarnated or recycled after death?

Most of us have read different opinions about death and what happens after death. But there is no positive proof of the existence of souls, immortals karma, reincarnation or any other spiritual life. I have nothing but respect for different points of view based on religion, science or logic. But eventually truth and understanding will set us free. Not my […]

What do you say to the family?

Marlene tells the story of a Klerksdorp doctor who struggled financially as a student. His brother, who had already qualified as a doctor, would occasionally leave money in his Bible without saying anything. Therefore, he made sure to read his Bible every night. What a nice story. That is what brothers and sisters should do for each other. When I […]