Dream Interpretation: House

Symbolism of a house in a dream The house is a very, very common object in a dream. What does a house mean in a dream? The house has many meanings! This is a dream I had when I was a teenager: Dream with House and Tower I went through a house, climbing higher and higher. A man with a […]

Personal leadership: tuning the self

Self-discipline is the key in the life of a leader. A system must be developed so that the maximum level of energy performance can be achieved. One has to handle oneself first. For this we need to tune up both physically and mentally. Establishing good habits is very important and translates directly into a positive and optimistic outlook. Control is […]

Blockchain for IoT in business

A new horizon in the framework of data exchange Blockchain is a shared distributed database for peer-to-peer transactions. The core of this technology is bitcoin, a digitally encrypted wallet to control transactions and payment systems that was introduced in 2009. This transaction management system is decentralized and generally works without any intermediaries. These transactions are backed by a set of […]

How Grant Writers Use Data to Launch

Decision making in today’s technological dispensing relies on data-driven analytics. Grant writers are also learning how to use data effectively to deliver winning proposals. Here are some of the ways grant writers use data to present Definition of the problem Non-profit organizations exist with the main objective of eradicating some of the social problems faced by a part of the […]

mother and baby

If you are looking for baby care tips for the first few months of your baby’s life, here are some practical parenting tips that you can use and really help. Many people; Family, friends, and other moms will probably be more than willing to give you their advice, tips, and suggestions, even if you don’t particularly want it. The best […]

healthy foods to lose weight for women

Healthy weight management for women of all ages, young and old, incorporates the core idea of ​​finding a balance between energy intake and energy expenditure. Controlling energy balance means eating smarter and including more intentional physical activity. Unfortunately, the goal of maintaining a healthy female weight can become a difficult task, because busy women tend to limit some of the […]

New book looks at systemic ways to maintain team performance in organizations

Daniel Edds’ new book Leveraging the Genetics of Leadership: Cracking the Code of Sustainable Team Performance uses a metaphor of DNA and genetics to describe how leadership can be system designed. In these pages, he explores why systems thinking creates a wonderful opportunity to rethink organizational leadership. Edds feels that more than enough books have been written on leadership. But […]

How to find the mattress of your dreams

Buying a mattress has never been more complicated. Memory foam, gel, latex, innerspring – each brand seems to have its own language. If you don’t know what to look for, you could end up paying too much for something that doesn’t fit your sleeping style. What size should I choose? First, decide what size you need: If you have a […]

5 easy ways to customize your Odoo ERP software

All companies are looking for the best methodologies and efficient workflows so that the operation of the different departments is fluid and faster. Most industrial and commercial companies customize their core processes and workflows according to their specific work processes and requirements. However, with the increasing competition in the market, all companies to gain competitive advantage implement ERP software solutions […]