What makes a luxury car truly luxurious?

As items that previously made a car or 4WD luxurious begin to trickle down to cheaper models, luxury automakers have to continually improve their game. This means more extravagant features, more complicated technology, and more comfort. The frontier of features that place luxury in luxury cars is one of the most rapidly evolving terrains in today’s consumer landscape. These are […]

Which Marketing Strategy Is The Best For You?

If you choose the right marketing strategy, you will be like that little guy in the middle of my diagram above. Yes! Victorious! Fist pumps! The problem with marketing today is that there are too many options and it is too confusing. It makes me dizzy just thinking about these things and I have been immersed in them for 35 […]

Life is a treasure hunt

Once upon a time there was an unusually optimistic boy named Max. Max’s parents were concerned that he was unable to see the world as a normal child, so they decided to take him to a psychiatrist to see if she could convince him to have common sense. The psychiatrist was getting frustrated with Max’s outright refusal to perceive negativity […]

Avoid business dissolution by court order

This is a problem that cost the parties of a business entity a lot of money, but could have been avoided if the underlying contract were written to provide a way out in the event of a desperate business stalemate. It could happen in the context of a joint venture between two entities, or it could happen in the context […]

The truth about rottweilers

Three years ago I knew practically nothing about Rottweilers; or more accurately, he knew several things that were not true. For example, I envisioned Rottweilers as very aggressive watchdogs who were not good pets and were not “people” dogs. Then about three years ago, while browsing the Internet looking for dogs for adoption, my daughter fell in love with “Jade,” […]

Search for foreclosures for cell tower leases

Real estate investors buying foreclosures are increasingly finding apartment buildings with leases of existing cellular antennas. Cell tower leases can be a foreclosure buyer’s best friend. However, buying foreclosed properties with a cell site lease is not easy, but the deals are there. Even the savvy real estate investor who buys a lot of foreclosures will likely not be a […]