Five ways to improve your relationship with your spouse

Among all relationships, marriage serves as the fundamental bond between two people. You promised to be by each other’s side through thick and thin. It is a known fact that no relationship is perfect. We all need to work in different relationships to strengthen the bond. With a little effort, married life can be improved. Relationships require commitment and loyalty […]

Mortgage Auditor Blues

As a residential mortgage securitization auditor, I often feel like I’m on the longest roller coaster in the world. I put on my reading glasses and spend hour after hour researching mortgage-backed securities, all in an effort to collect increasingly ignored data. It seems it’s time to bury your head in the sand and let the rich get richer again. […]

Simple Guidelines to Help You Choose a Hotel in Thailand

Since Thailand is a huge country, it can be difficult to find the best hotel. When it comes to value for money, Thailand offers some of the best accommodation in Asia. Also, the star rating system is a bit vague, making selection even more difficult. Therefore, you can follow the guidelines given below to make the best decision. 1. Consider […]

How long should podcasts be?

Podcasting is a medium that, while it has been around for years, is finally starting to gain popularity. Thanks to the explosion of smartphones, it has allowed this amazing technology to reach millions of people around the world. If you are a business owner, artist, or just someone who has something to say, podcasting is for you. The question many […]

What is a problem worthy of your life?

Last week I had an assignment for a seminar that I am in. The task was to answer the question, what is a problem worth my life? I loved this assignment because it made me get out of my little world and think big. As soon as I started thinking about the big topics that I am passionate about, my […]

Weight loss by bike

Everything you wanted to know about losing weight by bike The key to losing weight is a well-balanced diet of diet and exercise. Everybody knows this. A good diet will cause you to burn more calories than you eat each day. This is why exercise is so important to your weight loss plan. Without it, you will probably end up […]

Authorized access in storage units

Have you ever zeroed in on the “who else can have access to your storage unit” clause in your rental agreement? Many of the operators include this clause in their rental agreement thinking that the client includes a spouse or any important person who would like to be named in the rental agreement. But they may not be aware of […]

What Golfers Can Do About Low Back Pain

One of my patients, Norm, originally came to see me with a health problem that affected his ability to enjoy recreational sport and also affected his relationship with his wife. Norm had a lower back problem that limited his ability to play golf. You might ask, “I can see why this would affect your ability to enjoy recreational sport, but […]

Why should we mourn the loss of technology

This morning I checked the weather app on my smartphone in hopes of seeing a forecast for the weekend sun. The answer I got was the phone asking me where I was. Wait a minute; Who are you? My mother? What does where I am have to do with the weather forecast for a location already registered on the phone? […]