Finding Affordable Transcripts for Research Interviews

If you’ve done some research, including one-on-one interviews, and then realized how much work goes into transcribing them, you’re probably looking for an affordable transcription service. There are many transcription services available, but sometimes it can seem difficult to find an affordable transcription service. Transcription isn’t cheap, because it’s much more complicated than copying typing, but that doesn’t mean you […]

Benefits of a child care center

A child care center or preschool plays a very important role in preparing young children for the transition to elementary school. When professionally led by highly qualified early childhood teachers, these facilities can offer many useful benefits to young children, which can be very meaningful to them even throughout their adult lives. To understand the benefits of early education, you […]

3 tips on how to gain weight fast

If you’ve ever told someone you were trying to gain weight, I bet you had a really weird reaction. Most of the people you meet are trying to lose weight. So when you mention that you’re trying to gain weight, you might hear, “You can have some of mine” or “Why do you want to gain weight?” You could say, […]

Is it time for your community association to audit its governing documents?

In other posts we have discussed the governing documents of a homeowners association. Many communities were established 20 to 40 years ago with governance documents that worked well for the developer and, for the most part, the community association. However, many of these guiding documents are out of date. Federal and Virginia laws regarding community associations have changed substantially. If […]

Advertising with Online Yellow Pages or Google AdWords?

Yellow pages representatives. You have to love them. I got a call yesterday afternoon as I was leaving my office. My assistant said AT&T Yellow Pages finished my little one-inch ad. Once on the phone, I asked for the details of my little ad to confirm that everything was correct. The phone rep didn’t know anything about the ad. Instead, […]

Advantages of walnut hardwood floors

Shopping for hardwood flooring can be a daunting task with so many different woods to choose from. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. A wood that has more advantages than disadvantages is walnut. The only drawback is that it is usually higher than others for hardwood floors. The use of walnuts will have a unique appearance as the kernel […]

5-Step Guide to Boosting Profits Press Release

The untapped power of press releases can be unleashed with a surprisingly small investment. And it doesn’t require having a website, a product or handling any customer service. By combining the power of press releases with virtual ownership, successful internet marketers are generating profits of a thousand dollars a week or more. Virtual property describes something online that generates passive […]