Obstacles to achieving personal life balance!

What’s keeping you from achieving work-life balance? There are many things if you are like me. I just listened to a great OnPurpose Leader webinar where Kevin McCarthy shared his insights from a survey that asked 550 small business owners what their biggest obstacles to success were. Did you come up with this list by percentage? 33% say Time Management […]

Advantages of the Joomla content management system

Most bloggers, internet marketers, and individuals use the web to post content. They generally don’t care about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or PHP. Web content management system (CMS) is a complete platform to create a website from scratch. It provides the necessary framework to communicate with the database, store and retrieve data, dynamically create pages, handle authentication, and perform other tasks […]

Will a goat be a good pet for your child?

Goats come in a variety of sizes and breeds. Goats can be raised on a farm for their milk or kept in smaller areas of an acre or two as pets. Most cities prohibit goat farming within city limits. Here are some considerations before deciding if a goat is the right pet for your child. Goats are herd animals and […]

A Sample of Body Psychotherapy Methods for Overcoming Relationship Problems

Can body psychotherapy solve sexual and relationship problems? Body psychotherapy uses somatic experiences, metaphors and body image work, empathic listening and feedback, touch, mind/body/spirit awareness and connection, mental health skills, and a wide variety of the best teaching, psychology and body therapy techniques. eastern and western. and transpersonal revelations and insights. Can body psychotherapy solve sexual and relationship problems? You […]

Family vacations in Cancun: 3 extreme places in Cozumel

Family vacations in Cancun foster incessant togetherness. Ideally, the breadwinner planning a trip should think of the best places that all parties agree to. A range of extraordinary activities and avenues are available to fulfill dreams to the extreme. Cancun and other surrounding communities such as Isla Mujeres and Cozumel; allowing families to explore these realities. Here is a full […]

God still speaks today

God is still a God who is involved with his children here on earth. God was busy with his people, Israel, all the time. When they strayed off course, He slowly but surely turned them back in the right direction. God himself spoke to his children, but he also often used angels to carry messages to people on his behalf: […]