Multiple Sclerosis: How To Make It Work For You – Patience Is A Virtue

Multiple Sclerosis: How To Make It Work For You – Patience Is A Virtue

I am sure that anyone with multiple sclerosis goes through (or has previously experienced) bouts of depression, frustration, anger, and anxiety due to the symptoms they experience when having this diagnosis. What is multiple sclerosis?

It is not contagious. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an unknown, unpredictable, life-altering, autoimmune disease affecting the central nervous system (CNS). Auto- a word that in Latin means “I”. MS is a disease in which the immune system begins to attack itself for unknown reasons. The CNS is made up of the brain, spine, and optic nerves. The brain and spine control everything within the human body from memory (cognition), speech, vision, movement, gait, muscles, strength, coordination, balance (balance), sensation (stiffness, numbness and / or tingling), urinary and intestines, etc. Anything you can think of about the human body and its functions, MS affects.

There are four different types of MS that have the same symptoms but differ in severity, duration, and permanence. Each will be listed in order from least severe to most severe: (1) relapsing remitting MS (RRMS), (2) primary progressive MS, (3) secondary progressive MS, and (4) relapsing progressive MS.

Living with MS is not always filled with days that have minor or major problems. There are days full of achievements and prosperity. Achievement and prosperity usually come once you stop focusing on what you can’t do and focus on the things you CAN DO. “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference” – Winston Churchill.

Live, laugh and learn. I recently learned that soup is not ideal for someone who suffers from tremors like me. The soup went everywhere except where it should have gone, to my mouth. I laughed a lot, learned that ordering soup was not a good idea, and lived on. I also adapted and learned solid foods, and straws are the way to go.

You have to try, whether you succeed or not, you definitely learn. It is true that “you learn something new every day.”

Whatever type of MS you may have, you may not have MS or any autoimmune disease; It is always important to be patient with yourself and others, and take your time and do it right. Definitely, patience and determination are two qualities that you must have, whether you have a disability or not.

Remember: “Patience is a virtue”, take your time and do it right. Minimize and relieve frustration.

“It may slow you down, but it doesn’t stop you. It may be difficult, but not impossible.”

Britni N. Dunn

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