If only my friends enjoyed sharing life with others!

If only my friends enjoyed sharing life with others!

Man is a social animal. We need friends around us; But we rarely find friends among our family members: siblings, children, parents, and spouse. A friend is one who tries to bring out the best in us. We need to be friendlier to siblings, parents, children, and spouse. Why don’t we do it? Let’s try to correct this human error. God will bless us.

my friend

He is my dear friend.

A talented person with many godly traits:

Humane, hard-working, honest and considerate of people in need.

But he is possessive and believes: “I am always right.”

I wanted me to give my “other friend” a low priority.

I refused and rejected his advice.

My other friend

The ‘other’ friend is not that talented,

But he’s humane, hard-working, honest, and considerate of people in need.

You are tolerant of the views of others.

The internal conflict

I was disturbed.

How to get the best out of my friend?

I tried to argue with him.

He rejected me.

I had to choose: friend or the “other” friend.

Meanwhile, my friend avoided me.

He boycotted me socially.

He insisted on conditional friendship.

He wanted exclusive rights to our friendship.

I didn’t think he was right.

I wish: if only I learned the art of sharing life with others.

But most of us refuse to change our thinking.

There is inertia in our mind and in our approach to life.

We believe that what we learn in our childhood is the ultimate truth.

We refuse to give an inch.

Our thought process is rarely objective.

Life goes on

My friend walked away from me.

I was disturbed for some time.

But time is an eternal healer.

I looked for friendship and there were people to fill the void.

I found a couple of genuine people, who respected me for who I am.

My social needs were met

And I was back in harmony with my life …

That everyone should be our friends

If only our relatives (siblings, spouse, parents and children) could also be our friends!

Society, family life and the world around us could miraculously be transformed into a pleasant – so far utopian – reality.

It is possible, although it is not fashionable.

But it takes effort.

Ego clashes between siblings, spouses, parents and children have made our family life and society much poorer.

Let’s overcome our weakness:

Conquer rigid attitudes and the ‘I’m always right’ syndrome,

Learn to forget and forgive.

Let’s make an effort to correct ourselves, instead of wasting time proving that others are wrong.

Friendship with spouse is more challenging

When the spouse is the friend, it is not so easy to leave this friendship.

It leads to a broken home.

Friendship with near and dear ones is more difficult to maintain.

It’s a long-term friendship, God willing, a lifelong friendship.

Excessive familiarity leads to chance and can even lead to contempt.

There is a trust deficit everywhere.

The institution of marriage is giving way to a relationship of coexistence.

The art of living together as spouses is not easy to practice, with feminism flourishing around the world.

Divorce rates are skyrocketing.

Humanity must fight.

But he has to learn the art of: spreading ego shocks, forgetting and forgiving past hurts, and tolerating “other” friends: in-laws.

God will pour out his blessings for this noble cause.

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