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Drake – The famous name of rap music

Drake – The famous name of rap music

Music is the best source of entertainment for everyone. It is part of human life today. In fact, music is medicine for the soul. The love for musicians and singers among people is unlimited, clearly reflecting their popularity and prominence.

There are several musical genres. Whenever people talk about rap, a name comes to everyone’s mind. That’s none other than Drake. Yes, Aubrey Drake Graham is among the biggest names in rap music. Who can forget hits like “Thanks later”, “So far he left”, and his first mixtape “Room to improve”, and many others?

Rise of Drake – The New Rap Star
After his first mixtape release (Room for Improvement) in 2006, he’s never seen the other way around. The audience response was much more than anyone imagined. Although it was only available through its official MySpace page and website, it became an instant hit. With this success, the new rising star has ventured into global rap.

Drake – Canada’s first unsigned BET rap star
Shortly after “Room for Improvement” in 2007, Drake released his next mixtape that featured a single “Replacement girl” by him that also featured Trey Songz. The video for “Replacement Girl” appeared on BET (Black Entertainment Television). It made him the first unsigned Canadian rap star whose video appeared on BET as “New Joint of The Day.”

Drake became a popular name among music lovers, just before signing with a major record label. The immense positive response to his two previous mixtapes, Room for Improvement and Replacement Girl, Drake’s voice became an easily recognizable voice among music lovers.

His popularity was clarified with the release of his upcoming mixtape “So Far Gone” in 2009. Drake released this mixtape again through his blog. The album was available for free download and saw more than 2,000 downloads in the first two hours of its release. Some of the singles like Successful and Best I Ever Had were the most popular songs. After receiving immense applause from fans of underground music, this album also made it to the radio.

Recently, Drake’s first official debut album “Thank me later” was released on June 15, 2010. It was scheduled to be released in late 2009, but due to some reasons, the release was delayed. With the success (as anticipated) of “Thank me later,” Drake became the first hip-hop artist to sell the most records in one week.

However, it is only the beginning. Drake has millions of lovers from all over the world. He has just started his official journey into the world of music and his fans are confident that he will reach heights of success and popularity. To enjoy their music, people can download most of their songs from the Internet. There are some websites that offer Drake songs in the best quality.

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