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Come and dance

Come and dance

‘Strictly come Dancing’, the British television series distributed by BBC Worldwide, is the format expanded to “Dancing with the Stars”, the reality show that is broadcast on ABC and is now licensed for more than 30 countries around the world. . Television Business International rated this show as the most popular television series in the world in 2006 and 2007 across all genres, in no less than 17 countries.

Dancing with the Stars features celebrity couples with professional dancers who compete each by performing dances. Elimination on the show is by scores determined by a panel of judges and viewers who vote within a particular time period. Each week, a couple with the lowest combined score is eliminated and the contest advances to the next round. The winner is chosen in the same way.

The show is a high-octane performance with glitz, glamor, gleaming bodies, and music. The audience is able to relate to the artists easily, as they belong to a representative sample of actors, singers, athletes, musicians, television personalities, astronauts, racing drivers, etc. They literally start with two left fees and gradually morph into graceful dancers.

The audience survey is conducted by ABC via a toll-free number, its own website, and text messages. However, there have been some contradictions and controversies that the vote has created and although the producers admit that this is not the case, there are still many doubts.

Award-winning host Tom Bergeron has hosted the show since its debut. However, her co-hosts have changed over the seasons. In the current season, model Brooke Burke is the co-host.

The show’s prize money has also generated curiosity and interest. The first eliminated celebrities and the show’s top three contestants receive a base prize of $ 200,000 and the winner receives an additional $ 100,000. 2nd and 3rd place celebrities get bonus payouts of $ 50,000 and $ 25,000 respectively.

Another facet of the show that has drawn criticism is the fact that contestants are left exposed to injuries and accidents. Fainting, fractures, stomach cramps, muscle and tendon ruptures are quite common when contestants try to subject their bodies to rigorous movements and match their steps with those of others.

Season 10, the final show of Dancing with the Stars was a highly watched event with millions of

viewers tuned in to watch the end of the competition. The competition was really tough and exciting throughout; the judges had repeatedly said that this was the best season ever. The show featured three deserving finalists, pop star and singer Nicole Scherzinger, ESPN reporter Erin Andrews, and Olympic skating champion Evan Lysacek. Throughout the weeks leading up to the final episode, the Monday night two-hour competition episodes recorded 21.6 million viewers, more than the estimated number of viewers who watched American Idol that aired on Tuesdays creating a new weekly competition. for reality shows.

In a brilliant three-hour finale that was the crowning of every episode of this top-rated season of the show, Nicole Scherziner and her show partner Derek Hough, now a two-time winner of the show, were declared winners of the season. Not surprising, because Scherziner and Hough had been receiving consistently high scores for the past month before the final and had been dominant throughout the season. But there were previous seasons where high-scoring artists hadn’t been able to take first place and some wondered if this would be one of those. Evan Lysacek and his partner Anna Trebunskaya came in second place and the Andrews-Chmerkovskiy couple came in third. Scherzinger and Evan were running very close before the final. However, Scherzinger received a perfect score that gave her the advantage on the day that mattered and she and her partner took home the Mirror Ball Trophy.

Scherzinger chose “Proud Mary,” a fast-paced jive in which he literally flung himself, leaping, flailing, and setting the ground on fire. At the end of their performance, the three judges unanimously raised the No. 10 shovels and there was never any hesitation after that.

The finale was marked by delusional performances from previous contestants on the show, some of them big names in entertainment and fashion. Jake Pavelka, Chad Ochocinco, Pamela Anderson, and Kate Gosselin brought as much glamor and glitz to the show as the contestants themselves.

The victory has come at an opportune moment for Scherzinger, who is regrouping The Pussycat Dolls with new members and is working on a new album that will be released soon. She has also been in the focus of her on-off romance with McLaren Formula One star driver Lewis Hamilton. Erin Andrews, who had also been receiving unflattering attention for the past year, commented, “I just wanted to be myself again, fix my life, and get my smile back.”

The show plans to reopen in the fall with a new lineup of big names.

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