Successful video marketing and trends 2017

As small business owners, we all see the progress that digital marketing has made in the last decade and how effective it is in building successful businesses. But as digital marketing evolves, will it get to a point where it has nothing new to offer the small business owner and then what will we do? We believe that digital marketing […]

How to automate routine content marketing tasks

Content marketing is designed to attract your ideal audience, convert them into customers or list members, and also to delight your audience after conversion. To do that, you will have to create, publish, and promote a variety of content types for your audience over time. This requires you to understand your audience enough to create the right content. But once […]

Michael Kimble Review

Michael Kimble begins his career by working long hours in the insurance industry and was successful at this and earned a six-figure income. Sometimes people want to change their way of life, they want a more challenging career. Michael soon became dissatisfied in the insurance industry and began attending seminars on marketing techniques and tactics. Through his election, this became […]

How to create your own podcast

But first, what is podcasting? Podcasting is a relatively new type of technology, so here is some background for those who have yet to come across this term. The definition on wikipedia is pretty good: Podcasting makes audio files (most commonly in MP3 format) available online in a way that allows the software to automatically download the files for listening […]

Content Marketing: Adopting the Editor Mindset

The vision Become a publisher, content creator and the “CNN” of your business. Your strategy should focus on positioning your business as a thought leader and trusted source of content. The goal will be to create and curate the most relevant content in our industry and use it to engage in quality discussions with stakeholders. This approach will allow you […]

6 free SEO tools to boost your SEO campaign

All SEO professionals agree that doing bare-handed SEO is a dead end. SEO software makes that laborious and time-consuming work much faster and easier. There are a host of SEO tools designed to serve all purposes of website optimization. They help you in every stage of SEO, starting with keyword research and ending with analyzing the results of your SEO […]

Semantic web

Introduction The semantic web, as defined by web creator Tim Berners-Lee, is “a data network, in a way like a global database” (Berners-Lee, 1998). To go deeper, Mr. Berners-Lee explains in an interview conducted by IDG Now, data is expressed on computers as files associated with applications that deal specifically with information, an example would be, data in calendars, banking […]

Advanced blogging with WordPress

Break into the blogging industry with WordPress If you have a blog of any size or want to grow a large blog, this article is for you. Simple tool to manage your content stream Do you work within WordPress and have multiple writers or other people managing your blog content? Instead of messing around with spreadsheets and Google Docs, try […]