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4 Outstanding Ways Social Media Can Increase App User Engagement

4 Outstanding Ways Social Media Can Increase App User Engagement

With people today largely intertwined with mobile devices, companies are looking to create mobile applications to drive customers to their services or products. However, due to fierce competition in the applications market, students began to realize the need for deeper and more impactful strategies to increase customer engagement in their applications. Consequently, the developers began to integrate some effective social media avenues into the applications, as well as providing a great user interface and a host of features. The social media touch can prove fruitful enough for owners as it keeps existing users hooked for longer as well as attracting new users. So here are some proven social media strategies that help increase user engagement in apps.

# 1 One-click share

Mobile apps that offer easy-to-share options are more likely to attract users better. With a one-click button to share on popular social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, the apps allow users to share anything they liked, used, and found interesting in the app with their friends on their social accounts. This not only provides visibility of the application on social media, but also helps attract customers from regions around the world.

# 2 Proportion of reward points or achievements

To make application participation more exciting and tempting, creators can incorporate the ability to share users’ achievements on social media. Many mobile apps, depending on the utility, allow users to earn reward points, virtual currencies, or scores with each step / stage they advance. For example, fitness app users are assigned scores for the total miles walked each day. From now on, allowing users to share their efforts on their social account pages provides them with a sense of motivation. There are thank you comments or congratulatory wishes on your performance report from social media circles that increase trust in users and attract others to join the hard-hitting race as well.

# 3 referral programs

Mobile apps can win sizable new users out of nowhere by making your app viral overnight with a specific social orientation. In-app referral programs can help with that! Such schemes encourage existing users to attract other new users by forwarding the app links to their friends on social media. They are offered some appropriate reward points in exchange that they can later redeem for taking advantage of the app’s offers. Therefore, referral schemas are a proven way to expand your user base and can increase it by up to 15%.

# 4 Tools for socializers

Users love to discuss common topics on social media platforms and they get to know the opinion of others. Therefore, allowing users to get answers about their interests in the app is an effective way to increase engagement. Developers or owners can provide a simple in-app feature through which users can post their opinions, queries, and seek responses from non-users on social media. This type of interaction on social media inevitably helps to keep users interested and active in the application.

These are some of the tried and tested techniques for engaging mobile app users across massive platforms. These help students to acquire more users by spreading their application, as everything that is shared on social media platforms generates enough curiosity and attracts interested parties to try the same.

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