12 Important Safety Features In Our Cars We Didn’t Think About

12 Important Safety Features In Our Cars We Didn’t Think About

Well, this is a different topic, and probably not the most obvious to some. But I guarantee you that some of us will be a little more informed, people might even feel safer when they drive to work tomorrow. Whether you’re the consumer or a car sales consultant, this article will list a dozen important safety features found in every car on the road. The consumer can benefit from knowing what’s in today’s cars, in case they meet the salesperson who is not more educated in their knowledge of the product. And lastly, sales consultants can enhance their presentations with these tasty morsels and increase potential commissions. So without fail, here are the top safety features found on the exterior of those cars.

# 1-Deformation Zones: A mainstay of today’s automobiles, it is the harmonic flow of numerous body panels and supports that absorb the energy normally associated with a crash. Parts like the hood, bumper, and fenders are designed to wrinkle like an accordion, so they take the brunt of accidental situations.

# 2-Wrap-around Headlights: As the name implies, it is a one-piece headlight design that integrates the low beam, high beam and turn signal. The headlights wrap from the front or rear of the car to the sides. Halogen headlights are not only brighter and wider with the use of reflective cutouts on the camera, but people driving through our blind spots can easily know our lane change intentions. As a result, causing fewer accidents.

# 3-Detachable Engine Mounts: These mounts hold the engine to the frame of the car. They are not noticeable, but the life-saving impact is enormous. In a frontal impact collision, they are specifically designed to separate the engine from the frame and, with forward motion, will cause the engine to slide under the car at a 45-degree angle. You are less likely to have an engine on your lap when the crash stops.

# 4 Steel Belted Radials – It’s pretty obvious, our tires are very important safety features, it’s what keeps the car on the road. The tires are made of integrated steel fibers, how do they help? Well, motorists will have peace of mind that their tires will hold up even in the most extreme conditions. Those belts will give these tires a longer life as well. Less long-term maintenance.

# 5-Ventilated Disc Brakes: Equally important as tires are, disc brakes stop the car. Brakes are built with a rotor, pads, and calipers for short. Rotors are designed with internal blades to help vent heat. And this will help defend against fading and make your brakes less likely to get repaired frequently.

# 6-Side Impact Door Beams: Like the Crush Zones, this helps absorb energy in a side impact collision. They are steel intrusion beams built into the door for additional reinforcement. All cars and trucks have these.

# 7-Laminated windshield: this could be important, it is the same object that keeps the insects out of our teeth and the rain out of our hair. The windshield is made up of two pieces of tempered glass with a laminated sheet in between. This is a glass sandwich that holds together well when sharp or heavy objects are struck. There are no large or broken pieces of glass flying.

# 8-Tempered Safety Glass: The other glass that gives us 360 degrees of protection is also designed with safety in mind. Car glass is heat tempered so that when it breaks, it shatters into a multitude of tiny cubes. The small cubes do not cut or injure the occupants.

# 9-Child Safety Door Locks – As the name implies, these are small locks on the inside door jams of the two rear doors (4-door sedan or suv only). Lock them and the little ones in the back seat can’t unlock and pull the interior door handles while we’re driving.

Bumper # 10-5 mph – I would classify this as a safety item for the car itself. In case a driver taps a light pole, a supermarket cart, etc. at 5 mph or less, significant structural damage is unlikely. These days the government mandated limit to follow is 2.5 mph, most automakers have the 5 mph variety.

# 11-High Mount Center Brake Light: Actually, it is only a third mounted brake light higher than the two main brake lights, and most cars have them. Its main purpose is to make drivers behind the motorist aware of their braking intentions, normally 6-10 cars behind can see this clearly.

# 12-Safety Cage Construction: Think of a built-in roll cage, it is the main exoskeletal feature that provides the most protection. In every accidental situation, this protects 360 degrees. We can even literally flip a car or truck upside down on its roof, the cage will support 1.5 times its own weight. there is nothing more important.

So there is our short list of security features, hopefully readers can use this information. And perhaps, this will raise awareness of how safe our cars really are. We will no longer identify safety as just airbags and alarm systems, our daily drivers have been designed as intricately as the human body. All this to make our trips safer.

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