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Your boyfriend is confused about what he wants: steps to take now

Your boyfriend is confused about what he wants: steps to take now

Your boyfriend is confused about what he wants. What exactly does that say about his relationship with you? Personally you don’t have any confusion at all. You know that you are crazy about him and you would love to be able to plan a future with him. That’s impossible given the fact that he’s not sure about everything, including you. What is a woman supposed to do in this situation? Do you wait patiently until he decides what he wants or do you end things so you can move on and find someone who sees you as the treasure that you are?

If your boyfriend is confused about what he wants and you are very clear about what you want, you are at a dead end. Giving up on him due to his indecisiveness may be something you will regret, so it is not recommended. Instead, he must learn why men feel this way sometimes. For some men, his indecisiveness is the result of feeling overly satisfied with the relationship. They reach a stage where everything feels very comfortable between them and the woman they adore. Once a relationship settles in place, sometimes a man misses that burning urge that was there in the beginning. He no longer feels the urge to see his girl as much. In other words, things get mundane and boring.

The best thing to do if your boyfriend is confused about the relationship is to give him some time and space. Even though your first inclination will be to try to convince him to want you more, that won’t help. He will simply feel more pressure and withdraw even more. You will feel it moving further away and you will panic.

There is absolutely no need to suggest that the two of you take a break. Instead, be less available and less present in his life. Start to focus more on your own life and the things you enjoy. Often what will happen is that when the man has some distance, he begins to realize how much his woman really means to him.

You will not be able to solve this problem by convincing him that you are the woman for him. You have to show it to him. Take some time, get some clarity on his account, and let him taste life without you right there. It will be good for both of you and your relationship.

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