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WoW Quick Leveling – How Do Relics Help?

WoW Quick Leveling – How Do Relics Help?

Relics are new items introduced to World of Warcraft that were specifically designed to help WoW level up quickly. They can be purchased in exchange for Shards or Emblems for a level 80 character.

Once purchased, they can be mailed to another character who is on the same account, the same server, and from the same faction. You will recognize the relics by the golden color of their name.

What players like.

Most players like the fast WoW leveling times that can be achieved with Heirloom items. Also, since Relics appear to be the equivalent of a blue or rare item, they don’t have to worry about finding better gear as they level up.

The ability to pass items on your account to characters using the same type of gear is also very useful. For example, if you want to level up a priest and then a warlock, they can share the same relic armor since they both wear clothes. This can save on the expense of having to buy better gear for multiple alts, as you would only need to buy the Heirloom item once, level the character, and then mail it out the next time.

What players don’t like.

For WoW purists who level up quickly, Relics are often considered another “nerf” that WoW has made. World of Warcraft seems to get simpler as it evolves, allowing it to be more geared towards a casual gamer. Hardcore gamers may find that Relics remove many of the challenges they enjoyed the game. However, much of the large audience of more than 11 million players who enjoy World of Warcraft are casual gamers, so some of this is understandable.

Another downside to relics.

The other downside to Relics is that while they will change based on level, they don’t change for class. Therefore, you cannot send the plate relics you used for your warrior to the priest you wish to create. This leaves Relics with some limitations for players who want to create a wide variety of alternatives.

Another downside is that you must be at least level 80 participating in the endgame content to get the items needed to buy relics. Therefore, any player who is new to WoW or who has not yet leveled up their main character will not be able to take advantage of the relics to help them level up.

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