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What Makes Wonderland Online Click for Everyone, Any Age

What Makes Wonderland Online Click for Everyone, Any Age

When you hear the word Wonderland, the first thing that comes to mind is the story of a girl named Alice trapped in a fantasy world. One might wonder if there really is a Wonderland, a place where you can simply escape and forget about the problems of the real world. In fact there is.

As part of the real world, I know the difficulties that everyone faces. But thanks to a game that I recently discovered, I can forget my problems and enjoy life as I should. The game is called Wonderland Online and it really lives up to its name.

I have played computer games in the past that are totally fun, but Wonderland Online is literally incomparable to the other games that I found. It brings together people of different ages, with different tastes, a unique style, different strategies, and much more.

So what makes it really click? Well, there are hundreds of reasons why many people prefer to play Wonderland Online compared to other online games. But let’s limit it to the top best reasons I could come up with.

Totally free

Wonderland Online is a totally free online game to play forever. This is different from other online games that require you to pay in order to play. This is one of the main reasons why Wonderland attracts many players from around the world. People of different cultures, origins, ethnicities and other aspects are learning from each other because they can socialize in the game. This has formed strong bonds of friendship, as well as some love connections between the players.

MMORPG (3D vs. 2D)

In the past, computer games were mainly created for single player, but since the advent of the Internet, online multiplayer games have become a reality. This allows you to play with other players from around the world. Most of the time, you can find MMORPGs in the modernized 3D graphics. There is nothing wrong with 3D games, however, not everyone likes to play these games. Some people complain of headaches or nausea after playing them, only a small fraction of the gaming community enjoys these types of 3D games.

Wonderland Online caters to millions of gamers around the world because it is presented in highly enhanced 2D graphics. Both the younger and older generations are able to play it easily without later getting sick. Unlike typical 2D graphics, Wonderland Online developers use a unique computer language that generates vibrant colors, anime cartoons, and lovable game characters.

All-in-one game

Whenever developers create a game, they follow a certain agenda, which is whether they will make it a simulator game, an adventure game, or an RPG because they wanted the game to appeal to specific types of players. Simulator games generally make you feel like you are in a real environment of a specific location. Adventure games are made for players who love to do missions and explore different places. Role-playing games attract people who would like to pretend that they are the character of the game.

The Wonderland Online developers did not follow this code of conduct. They made Wonderland Online an all-in-one game because all three aspects of the game are bundled together in it. As a simulator game, Wonderland Online you find yourself in a somewhat real world where you have to deal with different difficulties that one has to go through. It has drama, comedy and tragedy like we do in real life. As an adventure game, you will be able to explore different countries, travel in different vehicles, perform some missions assigned to you, as well as discover the hidden secrets of ancient civilizations. As an RPG, you can play the role of your chosen character who needed to return to his homeland while saving the entire world from the dangers prevented by the demons unleashed.

Unique job classes

Wonderland Online features four basic elements that include earth, wind, fire, and water as your character’s attribute. Each type of item is unique in its own way. Fire-built characters are great for melee and magical attacks, wind-built characters have out-of-this-world speed, Earth-built characters are great supporters, while water-built characters are equipped with magical qualities to provide support, revive and healing attributes.

You can also customize your character to be a warrior or a wizard. These are initially the kinds of work that your character can earn through your skill point allocation each time you level up. When your character reaches level 100, you can be reborn in six other different job classes. Warriors can be reborn as assassins, while wizards can choose to be reborn as seers, priests,

There are some minor job classes that all players can choose from as well, regardless of whether you are a warrior or a wizard. You can be a weapons and armor craftsman, a fisherman, a merchant, a collector, and a miner. Everyone can have these abilities by doing missions for different NPCs. These abilities are updated depending on how much you use them.

home Sweet Home

In Wonderland Online, you can have your own home that you can personally design with various furniture and appliances. In fact, you can build these things with the use of the different crafting tools. All you have to do is collect the necessary raw materials for each interior home decoration that you are making. You can make beds, a garden patch, fences, televisions, game machines, desks, bookcases, bathroom cabinets, garage doors, gym equipment, and much more.

Travel around the world

One of the best things I love about this game is the travel feature. In fact, you can make various types of vehicles, such as a boat, a jalor, a steamboat, a robot, a UFO, a spaceship, a hot air balloon, an airplane, and much more. These vehicles take you to other known countries in our real world such as Japan, China, Taiwan, some parts of South America, Egypt, India, and other places that have yet to be released in future versions of the game.

There are also some modern vehicles like the turtle car, a motorcycle, and a convertible known as a cabriolet.

Human companions and other pets

In some missions, you will be able to get different types of human companions that will help you fight monsters and complete other missions. They are also very important in some parts of the story as it unfolds before your eyes.

Multiple pets can also be obtained by playing the doll game in the Item Mall or by capturing one during battle. Some of the popular pets include pandas, polar bears, snowmen, horses, fairies, and other adorable monsters that you come across. You can even have your very fast pet who can actually deliver up to 5 items to your other player friends in the game. This express pet feature is great for players who are far apart from each other, say for example one is in Egypt and the other is in China.

One of the best things about having a pet is the driving system. In fact, you can ride one of the pets, such as horseback riding, a dragon, and any other pets you choose to have.

Unique mail system in the game

In the game, you will receive your own email-like window that will allow you to send private messages to your guildmates, friends, and acquaintances. They will be able to receive your emails even when they are offline.

There are so many reasons why I love this game and I have many more to share with you. Parents, kids, adults, and teens love to play this game. You should join us and experience tons of fun and excitement, as well as some bonds of friendship along the way. You can see the direct link below.

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