What is RBI DEPR exam?


The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) conducts a highly competitive RBI Grade B DEPR exam to hire candidates for its Department of Economic and Policy Research. The exam is challenging but rewarding for candidates who are willing to work hard. The selection process involves online exams in Phase 1 and Phase 2, followed by interviews.

The RBI DEPR Exam syllabus covers a wide variety of topics in the areas of economics, statistics and socioeconomics. The exam aims to test a candidate’s analytical abilities and ability to understand the current macroeconomic landscape. The exam also evaluates the candidates’ writing skills in a descriptive English section. The selection of a candidate is based on their overall performance in all sections and in the interview round.

To prepare for the exam, candidates should begin by compiling a comprehensive list of all the required topics and organizing them into different categories. Then, they should set up a daily or weekly study schedule that allocates adequate time to each topic. It is also important to take short breaks between study sessions to keep the mind fresh.

What is RBI DEPR exam?

During the preparation process, it is essential to identify your strengths and weaknesses. This will help you focus more on your weak areas and improve your score. It is also a good idea to attend group discussions or study groups, and take full-length mock tests. These tests will provide you with a realistic picture of how you are performing in the exam and give you an idea about the level of difficulty.

The RBI Grade B exam syllabus covers a wide variety of topics, including monetary and financial markets, macroeconomic trends and policies, banking sector evaluations, global financial stability assessments, and external debt management. The exam is difficult because it requires a deep understanding of economics and financial issues, as well as the ability to write clearly. Hence, it is vital for candidates to practice reading and writing extensively.

To ace the RBI exam, candidates should pay attention to the structure and format of each section. The question paper has three sections, and each one must be completed within 90 minutes. It is recommended that candidates attempt around 50 questions in each section. This will help them perform well in the exam and have a high chance of getting selected.

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