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Use of SEO principles in your brand’s social networks

Use of SEO principles in your brand’s social networks

Social media and SEO are more closely linked than most companies realize. When consumers research your brand, products, and services online, they not only find information through your tweets, posts, and other social conversations, but they find your content that has been spread across the web and posted on other sites in search. organic. results.

Google and other engines are monitoring and indexing what is happening on social media today. Public Facebook pages, trending topics on Twitter, blog posts, as well as photos, videos, and all kinds of content that is shared and created on social media platforms are now viewed and scanned using trackers. search engines. For this reason, your brand’s social profiles will greatly benefit from employing some SEO knowledge in your social chats and sharing. Here are four things that will make your social media more optimized and therefore more successful on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Choose your target terms the same way you would SEO

To optimize any content associated with your brand, whether on your website or on your social profile, it is essential to identify your keywords or high-value target keywords and phrases. Focus on the 50 to 100 most popular and relevant terms related to your brand – too many unrelated keywords will effectively dilute your SEO strategy. Be specific and make a concrete list of terms that you will target.

Use your target terms, hashtags and links freely in your updates, tweets

As mentioned above, tweets, especially those from promoted or high-profile accounts, are definitely getting indexed by search engines. Make the most of the opportunity by including your keywords whenever they seem relevant to you. Remember, no one wants to hear the same words repeated over and over again – you are not a spambot and no follower wants you to sound like one. Always use keywords at the right time when it is logical and relevant to do so.

Use the target terms and links in your blog titles and copy

Since social media is one of the most popular channels through which to share any type of content that your brand creates, it makes sense to include your valuable keywords in that copy whenever you can. Blogs They are a great place to create and display branded content and will be the main place where you have full control over what text, labels and images to use. Blog posts that will eventually be shared via social media need to be optimized and keywords in the header, links, and tags are a good place to start.

Please use target terms and links in all content posting descriptions.

Many social networking sites allow users to post descriptions about the content they are sharing. Not only does this make the content more understandable and user-friendly to other users viewing your post, it also makes it more visible to search engine crawlers. Include detailed descriptions using your most valuable keywords in:

  • The ‘about’ section on your Facebook page
  • The ‘about you’ section on your Twitter profile
  • video titles and descriptions on YouTube
  • Pinterest pins

Social media plays an important role in any SEO strategy and by incorporating tried and tested SEO principles. within your brand’s social media will increase your chances of appearing in SERPs.

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