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Twilight Fashion Guide for Men – Jacob Black

Twilight Fashion Guide for Men – Jacob Black

Which team do you vote for, Edward or Jacob? The public seems to split down the middle in favor of vampires or werewolves. For the werewolf pack, it’s easier than you might think to get that Jacob Black look.

werewolf style

the existence of the Twilight werewolf relies solely on the proximity of his mortal enemy, the vampire. With vampires running everywhere in the small town of Forks, the werewolves must have easy clothing to wear. Every time they turn into werewolves, they destroy the clothes they were wearing at the time of transformation. Due to these constant changes, it is essential to have inexpensive replacements on hand to dress up once they revert to being human.

I years

For the Jacob Black character, classic blue jeans in a slim to relaxed fit are essential. For a more casual approach, he opts for lightly distressed jeans with a bit of wear on the thighs and knees. While he keeps the cut slim enough to elongate and narrow the lower body, he still allows them to be loose enough to feel heavily worn and comfortable.


Sure, he’s mostly seen without his shirt on, but when he’s fully dressed, he usually dons a t-shirt. His overall style is more relaxed like his workwear style. I years. In this case, try classic black, navy and white t-shirts. To cover yourself up a bit, try a neutral long-sleeved button-down shirt in a soft plaid or solid color.


Jacob went from short with some messy spikes to long and luxurious. Long hair is definitely not for everyone. If you prefer it short, keep it neatly trimmed with a few inches of growth and apply some light gel or pomade through the ends for a sleek yet sleepy look. If you want it long, be prepared to wait forever. Nothing looks worse than shaggy, unkempt long hair, so be sure to condition your hair through and through if straight isn’t your natural texture.

If Edward Cullen has the James Dean look, then Jacob Black embodies the boy next door. In simple yet body-conscious classic pieces, the casual appeal of Twilight The main werewolf can be all yours.

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