The shiny object syndrome in the home business industry

The shiny object syndrome in the home business industry

If you’ve spent some time online looking for legitimate ways to work from home and earn money online, you’ve probably been exposed to hundreds of different business models. Some of these business models are legitimate and some are not.

Due to social media, search engines, and online advertising, a new problem has developed. I like to call it the “shiny object syndrome.” This syndrome has left some people depressed, others in financial ruin, and even driven others out of our industry altogether.

What is shiny object syndrome?

It is the promise that there is an easier, faster and cheaper way to make money online. It is a marketing promise made for you. Just sit back, do nothing, and cash a paycheck. It’s the “push button” profit promise. It’s the promise of easy money.

The truth

I found that no legitimate online or offline business is quick, free, or easy. Businesses cost money and take time to launch, grow, and stabilize. Sadly, most people don’t want to hear this.

Many people looking to make money online are in a difficult financial situation and are looking for that magic pill to solve their money problems today.

These ads that promise “instant riches” work well because they attract people’s greed. Many people want something for nothing. What these folks don’t realize is that these “easy rich” don’t exist.

My advice to you

# 1 Find a need in the market

All successful companies offer products and services that people want or need. There must be a legitimate demand in the market for what you are promoting, be it a product or a service. The demand may already exist or you can create a new demand by developing a new product or service that is unique.

# 2 Offer a solution

Entrepreneurs provide solutions to their clients’ problems. We are solution providers. Our job is to identify a need and then offer a simple solution. The solution must add value and solve your customer’s problem. If you can do that, you will make sales.

# 3 Take time and work

All businesses cost money to start, nurture, and grow. Most importantly, all businesses need time to grow. It takes time to learn the skills, learn from your mistakes, and figure out how to do everything you need to do. Once you start a new business, make a minimum commitment of two years and do nothing else during that time. Focus is key.

# 4 Avoid shiny objects

Put on your blinders. Avoid shiny objects at all costs. Focus on what you are doing. If you go down the path of chasing shiny objects, you will lose momentum, lose credibility, and keep starting and stopping.

10 legitimate business models

Some legitimate online business models, if done correctly, include:

  1. Marketing online

  2. Affiliate marketing

  3. Blogging

  4. Selling items on eBay or Craigslist

  5. Video edition

  6. Work as a freelancer

  7. Social media manager

  8. Marketing information

  9. Sell ​​your own product or service

  10. Editor

Of course, not all of these business models will be suitable for everyone. You have to choose something that aligns with your strengths, personality, abilities, budget, and time available.

The bottom line

The bottom line is that the shiny object syndrome is alive and well on the internet. Your job is to find a legitimate way to make money online, get started, make a minimum two-year commitment, and never look back. Do that and you are very likely to be successful.

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