The Problems Associated With Renting Student Accommodation in Sheffield

Problems Associated With Renting Student Accommodation

The UK’s 5th largest city, Sheffield has a vibrant student community. It is a popular destination with students due to its excellent university facilities, low living costs and great choice of bars and restaurants. However, the influx of students in Sheffield this year is causing problems for landlords, with many having to turn away Sheffield student accommodation who are desperate to find somewhere to live.

This is mainly because the number of students is far outstripping supply, with universities seeing record numbers of applicants for courses and housing not keeping pace. This is largely caused by pandemic-related deferrals, over-inflated A level grades (due to predictions being based on results from previous years) and more 18 year olds getting into the university system than expected.

Student landlords are struggling to meet demand due to their reliance on the off-street market, but there are things they can do to improve the quality of their property and make it more attractive to tenants. For example, installing smart meters will allow the landlord and tenant to see their real time energy consumption from a mobile app, which should help to reduce utility bills. It will also eliminate the need to descend into the dark, damp cellars which are a feature of most student properties in Sheffield and make it easier to take an accurate gas and electricity meter reading.

The Problems Associated With Renting Student Accommodation in Sheffield

Another area that can be improved is the quality of internet connections. Many students now expect fast and reliable broadband as they are used to using apps to solve their problems and further their studies, so a good connection is essential. Landlords should consider upgrading to fibre optic where available, as this offers a much faster download speed and is more cost-effective than other options.

For more advice on finding and renting Sheffield student accommodation, contact the Student Union’s Accommodation Department or your local Council’s Housing Advice Team. Citizens’ Advice also produce a booklet entitled “Protection Against Harassment and Unlawful Eviction”.

In the meantime, it is important for students to do their research and choose their accommodation carefully. They should avoid paying fees upfront to a landlord they have not seen and always check out their property before signing a contract. If they are unhappy with their accommodation, they should be aware that there may be a clause in the contract that allows them to move.

Living in a diverse student accommodation community offers rich opportunities for cultural exchange. Engage with residents from different cultural backgrounds, share your own culture, and learn about theirs. Participate in cultural events, celebrations, or food exchanges. Engaging in cultural exchange broadens your perspective, deepens your understanding of different cultures, and fosters appreciation for diversity. It also cultivates global citizenship and prepares you for a multicultural society. Embrace these opportunities for cultural exchange within your accommodation community, and celebrate the richness of diversity.

It is also important for students to remember that a good student property is not just about the size of the rooms and the proximity to the university, but it is about providing the right support to students to enable them to thrive in this environment. The right support will include a wide range of services, such as the student union’s welfare officers and the student finance service. They can offer help and guidance with budgeting, mental health, debt, welfare and other issues that can arise in this type of housing. In addition, they can provide support and advocacy for students who are facing eviction or other housing issues.

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