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The power of music to increase your vibration

The power of music to increase your vibration

Keeping your body’s energy system flowing smoothly is key to a happy and healthy life and there is nothing that moves your energy faster than music.

Listening to my favorite songs never fails to make me feel good. And when I feel good, my vibration increases and I emit positive energy.

Music can have a powerful influence on your heart rate, breathing, emotions, and even brain power. It is listed as the fourth stimulus to which the mind responds most freely in Napolean Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich.

Due to the profound effect of music on your body and psyche, it is a great way to raise your vibration.

Listening to music that resonates with you in a positive way can change your mood., helping you release negative thought patterns and raise your vibration.

Whether you’re listening to music, playing an instrument, or singing, it all works to lift you up to a positive, high-vibration place if you’re enjoying it.

Don’t tolerate music that doesn’t make you feel good. because it will lower your vibration. Positive lettering is definitely a bonus, but it’s not always necessary. When I listen to BB King sing The Thrill is Gone, I focus more on the sounds of the guitar and the magic of his voice than the lyrics. It never stops making me smile and moves my spirit in the most wonderful way.

If the music resonates with you and makes you feel good, you will be in a higher vibratory place.

Research has shown that music can have the following physical effects:

  • Brain waves: Changes in brain wave activity: a strong rhythm stimulates the brain waves to resonate in sync with the rhythm, providing sharper concentration and more alert thinking, and a slower tempo promotes a state of calm and meditation .
  • Breathing and heart rate: Both can be altered by music, which can mean slower breathing, slower heart rate, and activation of the relaxation response. That is why music can be an excellent prevention against the damaging effects of chronic stress, greatly promoting relaxation and contributing to good health.
  • State of mind: Music can help keep depression and anxiety at bay by bringing a more positive state of mind. It can also promote higher levels of optimism and creativity, which provides many other benefits, such as boosting immunity, relieving muscle tension, and lowering blood pressure.

Music can be used in the following ways:

  • Relaxation: It promotes relaxation of tense muscles, which helps dissolve stress and allows you to release some of the tension from a stressful day.
  • Meditation: It can help you enter a zone, a meditative state, when you practice yoga, self-hypnosis, or guided imagery.
  • Positive approach: Music, especially upbeat tunes, can help you feel more upbeat and positive, taking your mind off what is stressing you out.
  • Affirmations: Affirming lyrics can help you create a more positive self-talk, surrounding yourself with positive energy and helping you see the bright side.

Below are some of my favorite “feel good” songs. If you are not familiar with any of them, I recommend that you check them out on YouTube and enjoy the good vibes they evoke. Happy listening!

Three Little Birds – Bob Marley

Don’t worry, be happy – Bobby McFerrin

Sound of the Sun – Michael Franti

Say hello – Michael Franti

True to Myself – Ziggy Marley

Free – Donavon Frankenreiter

Life is beautiful – Keb ‘Mo’

If You Want To Sing – Cat Stevens

Bright Side of the Road – Van Morrison

Blue Sky – The Allman Brothers Band

Sun on my shoulders – John Denver

I’m Alright – Little Anthony and the Imperials

Don’t Look Back – Mick Jagger and Peter Tosh

Scream – Isley Brothers

Living in the moment – Jason Mraz

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