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The kitchen table: who invented it?

The kitchen table: who invented it?

Many small things of our day to day come to us unnoticed and despised such as wheels, erasers, scissors and things that make our lives easier and more comfortable. Have you ever thought “What would my life be like without a table?” Things are not there for some reason. Someone must have thought why it should be there. Do you think kitchens have tables just because?

But who invented the kitchen table? Although there has been no strong evidence that ancient Egyptians started using kitchen tables first or at least invented them, many believe that the purpose of kitchen tables was to keep everything organized in the kitchen and not just for eating. During the Middle Ages, the kitchen table was said to be placed in the kitchen for the servants to eat.

It wasn’t until October 6, 1896 that the kitchen table was granted a patent. One man, named after Henry A. Jackson, an African inventor, decided it was time to organize the kitchen and patent his invention. At that time, kitchen counters or islands were not yet famous. The kitchen table fulfilled its function of preparing food and dinner.

Like everything that dates back to ancient history, kitchen tables have also evolved and been modified since then. The kitchen table has undergone changes in shapes, sizes, colors, materials and design.

It is difficult to pinpoint who exactly invented the table. But for whoever it is, we should be grateful to have something to host every member of the family to join for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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