The Efficiency Rating of the Fulton VMP-100 Electric Steam Boiler

Rating of the Fulton VMP-100 Electric Steam Boiler

In a dry cleaning facility, the equipment that matters most is the boiler or more specifically the steam it creates. Michael “Stucky” Szczotla, an owner at Ziker Cleaners in Oklahoma City, knows that the quality of the steam is what will make or break their ability to meet production goals. That’s why he chose a Fulton VMP-100 boiler.

The VMP-100 is a compact, vertical boiler that has a small footprint for easy installation in tight spaces. It features Fulton’s latest boiler technology with a patented spiral rib heat exchanger that produces industry leading steam production efficiencies up to 84%.

This is the highest energy efficiency rating of any non-condensing Fulton Electric Steam Boiler on the market today! The system uses a simple and effective direct current (DC) power conversion circuit that delivers high performance and maximum uptime. Its robust construction from top-quality materials means this is a unit that will last for years to come.

The Efficiency Rating of the Fulton VMP-100 Electric Steam Boiler

An important part of a boiler’s efficiency is the loss of heat through the flue gas. This is determined by the flue gas temperature and how much excess air is burned, which directly affects how complete the combustion process is. The other two major losses in a boiler are the dry gas loss and water-from-fuel losses, both of which depend on how well the combustion process is completed.

Fulton electric steam boilers are designed to minimize these losses with intelligent designs and advanced engineering. The pressure vessel is fully insulated for minimal radiation loss and a carefully calculated heat-to-steam ratio enables fast achievement of operating pressures with maximum efficiency. Unlike fossil fuel-based alternatives, electric boilers eliminate wasted fuel emissions and don’t produce harmful NOx.

With a capacity of 1000 thousand BTU per hour, this high-capacity heating solution is capable of providing ample warmth for sizable areas in commercial and industrial settings. It runs on a single phase (1PH) electrical system and requires a standard voltage of 120 volts, making it compatible with most existing power systems.

The VMP-100 comes pre-piped with a feedwater tank and a blowdown tank that collects and reuses condensate and safely discharges hot water to the drain. It also features a digital display for easy operation and maintenance, as well as automatic ignition, burner sequencing, and shutoff to reduce downtime.

Fulton is a global manufacturer with a worldwide network of authorized representatives who are well-versed in the product and can answer any questions you may have. Click here to find your local Fulton representative.

The VSRT-E hybrid boiler is perfect for facilities that need the flexibility to operate their steam plant on low-emissions natural gas or zero-emissions electricity – either partially or exclusively. This allows you to future-proof your infrastructure and balance your facility’s energy costs with sustainability priorities.

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