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The best cheat meal idea if you are on a low carb or fat loss diet

The best cheat meal idea if you are on a low carb or fat loss diet

Many people go on diets for fat loss reasons. Usually to lose enough belly fat to get back to where they were a few years ago. But one of the main reasons they fail is because of the so-called cheat meal they fight over.

Yes, you heard that right!

Cheat meals are vital to your successful diet, but how and when are you supposed to eat them. Not only that, but you are supposed to eat when you cheat.

Well, let’s change the mindset you have with the so-called cheat meal first …

Cheat meals are, in my opinion, feedback foods.

When you are on a traditional diet, you probably feel hungry, low-carb, or another much-needed food.

A refill can be used to meet those needs. Not only that, but if done right, it will lead to muscle gains and a boost in your metabolism. Resulting in greater fat loss.

Here’s what you need to do to achieve this …

Just have one day of feedback, 1 time every 11-14 days

Consume twice or three times the calories you normally consume in your diet each day. So if you’re on a 1800 calorie diet, shoot 3600 to 5400.

Eat 4-6 meals that day …

Here’s an example of a feedback day that I usually use after a hard 14 days of dieting:

5 stack of pancakes with maple syrup, butter and cinnamon
5 whole eggs
4 maple sausages
.5 cup chocolate chip oatmeal

Dairy Queen Burger .5 lb
French Fries and Coca Cola

Protein shake
Peanut butter

Olive paste
garlic bread and

Before going to bed:
Brownies, ice cream, and lots of nuts

Now, this type of day is usually monumental, as you can see.

You get to enjoy foods that are literally bad for you and taste amazing!

There is a lot of science supporting the feedback technique. But remember this …

You will be able to maintain high levels of training and give yourself a psychological boost. As well as being able to stay consistent with your low carb diet goals.

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