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Robot Coupe Commercial Food Processor Parts

Robot Coupe Commercial Food Processor Parts

Cooking is a hobby for many people. However, commercial processors have drawbacks such as being noisy and consuming a lot of power. It’s the reason many people prefer Robot Coupe commercial food processor parts. They are available at affordable prices and are there to keep your existing unit running efficiently.

When there are broken food components, Robot Coupe commercial food processor parts, such as bowl blades, disk guards, lids, seals, and motors, are available to replace the broken components. In addition, among the Robot Coupe pieces are other grates and discs that can be used to cut, chop, dice, and share fruits and vegetables.

Commercial food processor parts are the best to use as they have interchangeable blades and discs, unlike other pieces of processing materials like blenders. Additionally, commercial food processor items have wide and short bowls that are shaped suitable for handling solid and semi-solid foods. Also, the food parts do not need any liquid for the particles to move around the blade, unlike the blender parts that require a certain amount of liquid to function.

Commercial processors are of different types; therefore, the parts are different depending on the type of commercial food processor. The Robot Coupe Blixer 2 has several parts including a transparent lid made of polycarbonate so the cook can see the food processing inside the processor from start to finish. It also has a leak proof and a handle for a better grip. Also, a leak-proof lid is for preparing liquid food. A built-in scraper is also there for processor efficiency.

The Robot Coupe Blixer 3 is another specialty food for chefs. Its parts include a brushed stainless steel container to hold liquids. It also has an induction motor, single blade, flat metal base, scraper arm, leak-proof cap, motor, brake, and magnetic mechanical safety system. In addition, its cover is of polycarbonate design.

The Robot Coupe Blixer 4 is a high powered food that has several parts. It has four control buttons including a pulse switch and a control knob to allow the user to switch between speeds. It has a brushed bowl made of stainless steel and an ergonomically designed handle. It has a security lock provision. The base is metallic. It also has a single S-shaped blade with a serrated edge.

The Robot Coupe Blixer 5 is the powerful chef food processor available on the market. It has a 3 HP motor and pulse control. Features a 5.5-quart brushed stainless steel work bowl and handle. Its lid has an opening to feed solids for grinding and mixing. In addition, its blade is removable.

The Robot Coupe Blixer 60 is a food processor specifically for commercial purposes. It has an 11000 watt motor and a sophisticated control panel. Plus, it has stainless steel buttons and a bowl scraper to ensure consistency within the work bowl. For more information on food processor parts, visiting the Robot Coupe website will be of great help.

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