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Osteoporosis and soda

Osteoporosis and soda

Hey, are you still drinking that soda !? Well, okay I guess, only if you are okay with your bones breaking over time! That’s what we’re getting into with this post and welcome to your Friday Fitness Tips.

In this, the second part of some more parts, I am going to shed more light on the subject of that fizzy drink that may or may not be in your hands or pantry right now. Of course, we are talking about soft drinks and all the wonderful benefits of it, NO!

Last week we talked about your oral health when it comes to soft drinks. This week, we are moving towards your bones, do you know the structure of your body that prevents you from becoming a slab of skin and organs on the ground?

Now we all know the importance of keeping the body moving and putting some kind of resistance in the bones to keep them nice, healthy and strong, right? We should at least know.

Well, today I leave you with this nugget of information that will hopefully be added to your memory banks and will get you thinking about making better decisions about what you are putting in your mouth.

So think in terms of a pillar like the one that was used to build the great Roman empire. Do you have that in your head? Really strong, right? In fact, some pillars from that time still stand. This would be an example of the bones in your body.

Now think in terms of a sponge. Think how easy it is to squeeze the contents out of one with your hands. Do you have that in your head? This would be an example of what soda could do to the bones in your body. Okay, here’s the nugget of information that I want to get into your head and stay there!

Soft drinks contain a ton of phosphoric acid. So if you’re drinking those things more than you should, just know that diets high in this acid have been linked to an increased risk of osteoporosis. Plus, when you urinate, your urine carries calcium with it, thus depriving your bones of the most essential nutrient! The essential nutrient that keeps your bones healthy and nice!

One thing you may already know is that 80% of people affected by osteoporosis are women. The other 20%? You guessed it, men. So men are not exempt.

So are you starting to think that there are much better options you could make? Well, if so, my hat is off because there are! Have you tried the fruit infused water yet? Good stuff, all-natural, and great for an energy boost. Come on, try it now!

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