My husband is always bored in my company!  How do I keep him excited to be around me?

My husband is always bored in my company! How do I keep him excited to be around me?

Do you feel like the spice is a bit gone from your marriage? If your husband shows a bad attitude and seems bored around you, find out why and how to fix it.

Are you really boring?

It is quite possible that you are not boring at all and that your husband expects too much of you.

You should also consider that it may be his life that is boring him, and he is choosing to take it out on you and become the scapegoat.

If you are a housewife, find something interesting to do

Men are more attracted to women who have something interesting and smart to talk about. Working women have the advantage of being able to talk about their jobs and careers. If you’re a stay-at-home mom, work for a charity, homeless shelter, or animal shelter, PETA, whatever interests you. Volunteer at your local children’s hospital by reading books.

This will be beneficial to you and will begin the process of rebuilding your self-esteem.

Talk about him and ask about him

Even if you have new and exciting things in your life, you don’t want to make the mistake of talking too much about yourself.

Don’t just ask how your day was when the two of you are having dinner. Ask questions about the projects you are working on and what coworkers you like and don’t like. It’s better to get this information later than never after all, and it might only help you in your future company roles.

Also, make sure they know that you really care and are interested. Look him in the eye and stay closed when he talks.

Are you misinterpreting the whole situation?

Many times, women think that their husbands are bored with them simply because they do not give them expensive gifts and do not take them to spend the night on the town regularly as they used to.

The truth is that he is not doing those things because he is busy and working, and now he is married to you. He no longer feels the need to constantly prove himself to you.

You are thinking that he demands entertainment from you and he is not getting it, therefore he is bored, right? The truth is that you may be demanding too much of him.

Accept the natural evolution of a marriage

It just can’t feel like your forever honeymoon. Although it is unrealistic to expect fireworks and flowers every day, that does not mean that there is no love left between you and your husband.

You can help keep things spicy if you feel the need just by staying in good shape. If you need to join a gym, go for it.

Don’t forget that men need certain things to stay interested.

This does not mean that he will divorce you if you do not do the things suggested here, but it does mean that men are more likely to show enthusiasm for you and the marriage if he is stimulated.

How do you keep it stimulated? Appealing to his masculine nature, which dictates that he is very visual and needs sex with you frequently.

Take care of his visual needs, always trying to look your best and surprise him often with very sexy lingerie.

If you let your sex life die, it will be very difficult to keep your husband focused on you.

Don’t expect all your social encouragement from him.

Keep a circle of friends and family around you as much as possible. It is possible to put a great deal of undue stress on your marriage by isolating yourself and only dating your husband when you return home.

You definitely need your own social life and reestablish or strengthen ties and ties outside of marriage.

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