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Movie Reviews – A Chance of Meatballs

Movie Reviews – A Chance of Meatballs

This is a lovely animation that is every child’s fantasy.

It follows an inventor Flint Lockwood played by Bill Hader (Knocked Up), who has been inventing items that no one really wanted and couldn’t find a useful purpose for, like slip-on shoes; that unfortunately he is unable to get out, in addition to flying rats, a thought translator for a monkey named Steve; played by Neil Patrick Harris (Harold and Kumar escape from Guantánamo Bay), who has become his pet and his right-hand man for his projects, as well as a walking television.

What adds to the hilarity is that throughout the movie parts of his inventions make small cameo appearances, flying rats are never too far away, as well as the roaming television.

Flint lives in a small town called Swallow “under the A of the Atlantic” which is known for its sardines, their sardines are everywhere for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the mayor of the town Shelbourne played by Bruce Campbell (Spider-Man 3) is trying to boost tourism by having a full Swallow Sardines theme park with original Swallow Sardines promoter “Baby Brent” played by Andy Samberg, who is now grown but still reliant on his reputation.

Flint tries to invent a machine that makes food simply by adding water, but his father, Jim, played by James Caan (Las Vegas), is tired of his many inventions that have so far served no meaningful purpose, and wishes he would give it up. she begins working with him at the local family store that sells Swallow Sardines.

Flint agrees to work with his father, but doesn’t concede defeat. At the groundbreaking ceremony for the Swallow Sardines theme park, he puts the finishing touches on his invention but manages to destroy the theme park in the process, much to the anger of local policeman Earl Devereaux played by Mr. T. (for some strange reason he seems to move in stunts), but luckily, his invention goes flying into the clouds, shortly after it starts raining hamburgers. Everyone is fascinated by how this happened, especially a news reporter, Sam Sparks, played by Anna Faris (Time Travel FAQ), who has just started her new job and meets Flint. Flint, realizing that her invention works, tells Sam that this was her plan all along (to impress her).

Soon the magic of the movie takes shape with Flint being able to order anything from his base where his device in the clouds makes said product rain down, be it eggs and ham, bread, toast, any food you can think of, it’s rained.

The mayor realizes the potential of a town that rains food (and he’s getting too used to it) he invites everyone in the world to Swallow where they can have whatever food they want, just by raining down from above, he realizes that this It will boost tourism in the city. and put Swallow on the map.

Flint’s father, on the other hand, sees something very wrong with a device that only brings food from heaven and tells him that it doesn’t feel natural, unlike his sardine business, which has to be manually compressed into a can, but Flint is caught. in accepting his invention and the superhero status he has now cultivated after years of teasing, he dismisses any concerns with the device.

Classic scenes have arrived, especially where Flint tries to get his father to operate his computer. It is a unique and charming film that the whole family will enjoy, especially the image of all kinds of food falling from the sky.

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