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Kajal for Eyes – Application Techniques and Tips for Beautiful Eyes

Kajal for Eyes – Application Techniques and Tips for Beautiful Eyes

Have you always wanted dazzling, sparkling eyes, but never knew how to achieve it? Today I am sharing with you this amazing secret that will enhance the appearance and help make your eyes look beautiful. Outlining something makes it defined and beautiful, and this is exactly what Kajal does to your eyes. If applied correctly, it can make dull eyes appear full of happiness and life. Kajal, when applied with the proper technique, can make the eyes look naturally beautiful.

How to apply Kajal on your eyes – correct technique

The common way to apply it is to roll the pencil along the waterline, also called the tight liner. Some women like to use it as an eyeliner and apply it to the upper eyelid as well. This gives them a very subtle smoky effect that enhances the beauty.

Kajal for big eyes

If your eyes are large, simply apply Kohl to the waterline to add darkness and definition. This will give you a natural look that will make your eyes bright and happy.

for small eyes

If your eyes are small, Kajal would make them look really attractive by adding the right definition to them. Don’t forget to apply it to the outer corner of the eyes and move it slightly upwards. This technique is really great for all those who want to enlarge their eyes using makeup.

Variety in Colors

Kajal or Kohl can be found in various colors making it a perfect makeup item for women. Green, turquoise, brown, blue, black, white are some of the common shades that are available for Kajal eye. Not just these, you can find Kajal eyeliner pencils that can be found in shades of all kinds.

If you really want to achieve the perfectly defined eyes, then using Kajal or kohl in the right way will be great. It is one of the most promising makeup products that can transform your eyes in just seconds.

quality issues

Make sure you invest in good quality Kajal from an up and coming brand so that your eyes are safe. Brands like Maybelline, Lakme, Blue Heaven, L’Oreal, Lotus Herbals and Himalyas offer the most amazing quality kajal. These are enriched with natural ingredients like almonds and certain oils that protect the eyes and keep them safe even if you apply kajal regularly.

When you are really late for work, just choose your favorite Kajal and apply it and you will instantly become the diva you have always wanted to be.

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