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Master Cleanse – 5 pros and 5 cons of the Master Cleanse program

Master Cleanse – 5 pros and 5 cons of the Master Cleanse program


1. Many try it. The Master Cleanse was developed over 60 years ago by Mr. Stanley Burroughs as a detox program. Master Cleanse has been used by countless people in their efforts to flush toxins from the body, be healthy, and lose weight.

2. It is cheap. Financially, it does not take a lot of money to participate in this program. Requirements include natural lemons, cayenne pepper, maple syrup, and the correct recipe.

3. It has a pleasant taste. Unlike other diets, the taste is natural and pleasant. The Master Cleanse has been dubbed the Lemonade Diet. Ironically, Master Cleanse is neither diet nor lemonade. It only contains lemons and maple syrup, which gives the solution a pleasant sweet taste.

4. It’s fast. This diet plan only consists of participating for 10 days. There is no long and grueling process that can stretch over weeks or months like other detox or diet plans.

5. It gives results. Many who have been through the master cleanse swear by the results. During the 10-day period, you cleanse your body of all accumulated waste material, mucus, and chemicals that may have accumulated over the years. The result is unhealthy weight loss, a healthier body, and more energy and desire for a healthy lifestyle.


1. Follow a strict liquid diet. Liquid diets may require some adjustments to get used to. Your body is used to eating solid foods, so you must prepare your body (and your mind) for a new way of eating for 10 days.

2. May require a payback period for some. Right after 10 days, your body may need time to get used to eating solid foods again. Technically, this can be considered in favor of the master cleanse, as many want a lighter, healthier diet after completing the program.

3. Possible loss of energy during the program. Because you only drink fluids for 10 days, you may experience fatigue, a feeling of hunger, and a feeling of exhaustion for a few days. This is the result of the body wanting the diet it was used to. Despite this, his energy should return within a few days. In many cases, some have experienced twice the energy and fitness level.

4. Take your own and external motivation. Going without solid foods can wear out many. Mentally, it feels like you are not eating. The Master Cleanse is designed to provide you with all the vitamins and nutrients you need during the detox period, but it can be very difficult to leave old habits behind and give up without the proper motivation and guidance.

5. Bath time. You may find yourself in the bathroom much more than usual during some periods of the program. All excess waste and toxins are released and there is a primary way to release them.

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