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Kitchen makeover: facts to remember

Kitchen makeover: facts to remember

The kitchen of a house is the central area that is always full of activity. In ancient times, the kitchen was the place where an open fire was kept alive from dawn to dusk, not only to cook meals for the family but also to keep warm in times of wet and cold weather.

Today we live in ultra-modern times where homes and houses are fashionably designed to make a statement of the taste and tastes of the owner or occupant. Most people take on the work of modifications and renovations as a DIY project to give room for their creative ideas and imagination. Kitchen renovating or remodeling is a very popular DIY concept that sounds appealing to many people, even hobbyists with no prior remodeling or renovation experience. While it is a fairly creative and cost-effective way to redesign that area of ​​a home that holds memories for a lifetime, it is important that you remember some very basic but vital factors that are consistent with your kitchen renovation.

1. Don’t ‘go it alone’, even if you are an avid DIYer, consulting a design or renovation expert before kicking off the project will help fine-tune the renovation plan and bring up new ideas and suggestions that you may have come across. high. Some designer stores offer free consultations.

2. Remember the budget: allocate finances taking into account additional or new functions needed; things like cabinets can account for a third of the total cost.

3. Skimp on Warehouse Solutions – Cabinet storage, drawer dividers, pull-out pantry boxes are very responsive and efficient kitchen warehousing solutions and should be thought about at first.

4. Don’t see it as an upgrade: A kitchen renovation is a significant expense and should take several years, so you need to consider factors such as lifestyle, socializing, and so on. which will be reflected in the overall design.

5. Never forget the ‘big picture’: Each element is important in the renovation: floors, wall color, hardware, appliances, etc., because they all need to come together.

6. Prioritize workflow – The “work triangle” in a kitchen revolves around the refrigerator, sink, and stove. Therefore, its location must be planned to maximize efficiency.

7. Leave enough counter space – this is an absolutely vital element in a good kitchen design; Extensions can be provided by folding countertops, shelf brackets, etc.

8. Remember to choose appliances first: Choosing appliances and appliances before a kitchen makeover is crucial, as it has to tie in with the redesign of the space.

9. Protect Other Spaces – Any home renovation in the redesign should take place around protecting walls, surfaces, and other areas from dripping paint, remodeling material, and debris.

10. Have fun, a kitchen is also an area that can be made to look pretty, in addition to elegant furniture, cabinet countertops, tiles, etc., the use of a color game or an art deco piece to give it a different look is adds to the set. Sight.

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