Keep the kids busy

Keep the kids busy

Teachers and child care workers know the miracle of a busy child. Suddenly, while a child is quiet and busy, there is time available to finish other tasks, clean up after snacks, or simply sit down for the first time in hours. However, finding the activities that occupy the child can definitely be more challenging than figuring out what to do with quiet time. One of the all-time favorite activities requires a little hand-eye coordination and a lot of creativity: coloring pages.

Arts and crafts

Kids love arts and crafts, and one of the best activities for quiet times is the coloring page. Provide younger students with a coloring page and minutes pass as the children select the correct colors and work very carefully to stay on the lines. The problem with these pages is that there are so many copies to run and stacks of paper can be a hassle. Fortunately, some arts and crafts are available online.

Online Coloring Pages

Websites are beginning to produce online coloring pages for children. These pages can be in any art style imaginable and can be colored using the computer. Since most kids already love the computer, this is a perfect combination for quiet activity, as well as a way to avoid more stacks of paper in the classroom.

Just sit a child down at the computer and open a coloring page. The child will keep busy while developing critical computer skills so necessary in today’s world. When the image is complete, it can be printed or erased for another try.

However, online coloring pages are not just for young children. Older children may also enjoy coloring pages. School-age girls especially enjoy doll coloring pages from websites like, where favorite teen celebrities and other dolls are the perfect coloring pages online.

Is coloring more than fun?

As any parent or teacher can tell you, coloring can be more than just an enjoyable time-filling activity. Coloring practice helps develop fine motor skills and real pictures can help children develop insight or knowledge about a particular item or topic. Sometimes though, it’s more fun than anything else.

When a girl sits down to color an outfit of her favorite singer or a boy is able to bring his favorite cartoon character to life, it is simply a pleasure to watch. The world we live in moves so fast that sometimes a gentle rest can make a big difference to a child’s stress level and productivity.

If students are pressured every minute they are in the classroom, regardless of their age, they will eventually wear out, especially at a young age. Older children live hectic lives between school and extracurricular activities. Coloring pages help calm the psyche of many children and give them a break in the midst of a chaotic lifestyle.

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