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Is SEO jeopardizing your content marketing?

Is SEO jeopardizing your content marketing?

By now you should know the importance of having an SEO strategy for your company or brand. It’s key to driving organic traffic, which is great because it attracts more prospects who are actually looking for your products or services. They are bee’s knees in the internet marketing industry, but if you’re not using it properly, you could be ruining your content marketing efforts. Having an ineffective search engine optimization strategy is just as bad as not having one. It is important that an agency offering professional SEO services analyze your search engine optimization plan to ensure that it uses up-to-date methods.

Your content marketing and search engine optimization techniques must work in harmony. The following are common reasons why this is not a reality for most companies.

Your focus is on short-tail keywords

Doing this often leads to poor content. Just a few years ago, it was easier. You can focus your content on phrases or keywords and get higher rankings without any problem. But this often turned to low-quality content that was undesirable for human audiences.

Google Panda changed the game, rendering this old tactic ineffective. If you are still using it, then this could be why your content marketing plan is failing you. Instead, what you should be doing is focusing on long-form content and paying less attention to individual keywords and more to search phrases that are relevant to your industry and topic. Your top priority is to please readers, so you need to make your internet marketing strategy solid with valuable content while still getting a decent number of keywords. An SEO agency with keyword research.

You are invited writing for low-end sites

The quality of the websites you write for as a guest is very important. Think of it this way, would you read about running a business from a site that is spammy and looks shady? Probably not. No one will take your content seriously if it’s posted on a low-quality site. Be more selective about where you post your content.

You are not focusing on the mobile user

Mobile SEO is very important and should not be overlooked, but what also burns little or nothing is the content marketing strategy. Having a responsive and mobile-friendly website design is only part of it. You should also focus on writing headlines that are designed to appeal to users on the go and that load in a format that can be easily viewed on mobile devices.

If your content marketing is to blame for these mistakes, then it’s time to revamp your company’s internet marketing strategy. Consider working with a SEO agency to solve the problems.

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