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Idiot box, not so idiotic anymore

Idiot box, not so idiotic anymore

Do you remember that square box that rests on the table in your living room? When you turn it on, it will show you some of the most interesting news or any other monotonous video clip. That’s what this idiot box was all about in the early days.

Fortunately, the idiot box is no longer such an idiot and neither are the TV shows it airs today. Thanks to Mr. Philo Farnsworth for the invention of modern television, who certainly brought a sigh of relief to all those people who would otherwise get bored of doing just about anything and everything they have been doing to end their so-called boredom.

The invention of modern television and television shows is certainly smart. The evening practice of tucking into your diapers and sticking to your favorite TV shows is the greatest leisure activity you could find in modern times.

A worthy evolution of the idiot box

From his body build to the shows he airs, everything about television has gotten bigger and better. The beautiful plasma or flat screen TV not only allows you to watch your shows in better quality, it also looks good in your living room (trivial, in fact). Gone are the days of a cable connection failure situation where you would want to connect your TV to a cable operator to enjoy your TV shows even more. The digitization of television and, in addition, applications such as Netflix and Amazon Prime video have evolved in the way that anyone would want to entertain themselves in front of television.

TV shows that are worth it:

The idiot-box has not only evolved in terms of its structure and technical update, but it has also evolved in the context of its television shows. Today, there are a variety of shows that you can watch that you can entertain yourself to the core with. Categories like news, movies, music, knowledge and information and entertainment, etc. they are bringing new dynamics to this whole idea with each passing day. Also, the quality of the shows has improved dramatically. It goes without saying that shows like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Friends, Narcos, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, etc. they have gathered an immense number of followers among the worldwide audience. The craziness of these shows has increased so much that audiences not only watch them, but live through them for eternity.

Learn some amazing facts about the idiot box

Did you know that the inventor of modern television, Philo Farnsworth, would not let his children watch television? Do you know that the most expensive commercial ever made was the show and starred none other than Nicole Kidman? This ad was priced at $ 33 million. The average person in America spends 15 years of their life watching television. Although most people dream in color, people who grew up watching television in black and white tend to dream in black and white.

Now that you have known a lot about the idiot box, enjoy watching your favorite show now!

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