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How to talk to your spirit guides and angels

How to talk to your spirit guides and angels

How do I know if my spirit guide or my angel is talking to me?

This is an exercise that begins with the heart, not the mind. Many people hear their Guides and Angles in their hearts as a calm voice or perhaps as a thought. Understanding the difference between one of your thoughts and a message is insight. The difference is subtle, which uses a different skill to see the difference between a soda can and a glass of water. This skill starts from within, away from the hustle and bustle of circumstances and the opinions of others.

The secret to success is trusting yourself to let in what you hear and believe.

Your intuition is the internal skill set that plays an important role in this communication. An easy way to distinguish messages from thoughts is that messages will always be positive and helpful. They can also provide warnings in case of danger. Messages can arrive in dreams or by signs of synchronous events; remember there are no matches.

Your Guides and Angels know one thing about you that you often forget: “You are a Loved One and you are loved completely and completely.”

Your Guides and Angels will give you information and messages that will guide you, help you, solve situations that produce stress and anxiety, solve problems and shed light on mysteries. You have to open the door for them by exercising your inner confidence muscle. This is not the kind of confidence you ask for in order to receive money in the mail or to find your lover. No, this type of trust is based on an inner resolution and arises from your heart without any conditional acceptance of this circumstance or this experience. This is trusting “you” for no reason and the benefit is internal waves of joy and satisfaction.

Do I have more than one guide or angel?

You can have dozens of guides and angels. They can be Ascended Masters or come from lives you have lived, be someone you have met in this life who has passed away, or be from another universe. They can also be animals or the Kingdom of Nature. Each of us has a guardian angel assigned to us at birth. All you have to do is call and they will be there for you. The trick is to remember to call them. They have a lot of unconditional love for you. At other times you have a Guide or Angel assigned to you for some protection, creativity or healing.

How do I know that my Guide or Angel is talking to me?

It’s easier to hear them speaking to you in your heart. You need to move your awareness from your mind to your heart to create an opportunity to listen. This involves three easy steps that you can take almost anywhere.

1. Establish a stream of inner attention on your heartbeat for a minute or two. It is helpful to focus on the breath and stop thinking about this or that. Just listen to your breathing and the pulse of your heart.

2. Ask your Guides and Angels to accompany you now. You don’t need their name to get started. Just ask inside or even verbally. “I ask that my angels and guides be with me now for my highest and best good.”

3. Be receptive. That means no hesitation is allowed here. Listen to the impressions, voices, and thoughts that resonate within you. However, have a blank sheet of paper in front of you and allow yourself to write freely without thinking about what you are writing. In other words, write down your impressions, voices, and thoughts. All of this will be positive and will be filled with love, encouragement, and Light.

Your Guides and Angels want to be out of your service. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Do not hesitate to go to them.

What is the benefit of listening to my Guides and Angels?

Your Guides and Angels have their Light to share with you. They have the best for you at hand and will help you live your life according to the deepest values ​​of your heart. They are here to fulfill your heart’s desires – happiness, prosperity, joy, loving relationships, vibrant health, and fulfillment on all levels. They want you to avoid danger and they will give you warnings.

For example, I have seen people as guides and angels telling you to slow down your life, to do certain things. And when people don’t follow that advice, they end up in an accident or a painful situation that causes them to take it easy and slow down. Call your Guides and Angels frequently, they are here to help you, now.

So cheer up when you’re hurting, challenged by life, or feeling lonely. Know that you are not alone. There are a myriad of loving spirit guides always with you closer than your own breath waiting to be called to be of service. Confidence.

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