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How to develop career strategies from military officer to civilian

How to develop career strategies from military officer to civilian

Development of transition strategies from military to civilian officer

If you plan to use the skills and experience you gained from your military work to obtain a suitable civilian position, you need to know some important strategies. Many service members face challenges when they leave active duty. They don’t know how to handle those challenges properly, and as a result, they and their families suffer greatly. You can make the military transition smoothly by following some basic strategies.

Talk about the transition with your family

Before leaving your military job, talk with your family about the challenges associated with the military-to-civilian transition. Career changes can stress the family, because this transition can involve physical moves, reduced income, and loss of support network. You can develop a family budget long before you quit your military job and start saving money. Research the geographic locations that have potential job options. Consider the schools, the cost of living, and other factors of living there. Keep in mind that stress is normal at this stage. Preparing and seeking help can ease the military transition.

Problems demilitarizing the language

Many service members face difficulties when writing a resume. They find it difficult to adequately translate military occupational specialties to suit the requirements of potential civilian employers. It takes time to understand how to demilitarize the language.

Using the wrong resume styles

Using an inappropriate resume style is another problem faced by the military. More often than not, they write ineffective content, articulating a large amount of data to potential employers. You can solve this problem by looking at sample resume and samples available online.

Lack of understanding of current interview methods

More often, veterans lack knowledge of current methods in the behavioral interview process. Although they have valuable skills that are valued and in high demand, they cannot get a suitable civilian job as they do not know how to promote themselves in an interview. You can eliminate this problem by following the skills transfer strategy. To write a successful resume, you must understand how to separate your skills, talents, and experience from the actual military environment in which you acquired them. You need to identify all of your skills and connect them to your current career goals. Then present them in a suitable way that a civilian employer can easily understand.

If all of your skills, qualifications, and experience are built into your military work, an employer may have a hard time recognizing them. Therefore, you must show your skills without focusing on your service history as a military officer. Changing the proper wording and presentation to the civil word can help you succeed in your search for a suitable job. Be sure to highlight their skills and experience prominently so they get the attention they deserve. Finding a good job that fits and utilizes your military skills can be difficult, but it will help you pursue an exciting and highly rewarding career.

Written By: Shadeed Eleazer

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