How to catch Caterpie in the wild

How to catch Caterpie in the wild

Here are some tips on how to catch a Wild Caterpie in the wild.

1. Caterpie capabilities.

Caterpie is a fairly easy Pokémon to catch in games. Take flight types and fire types with you to take cover against it and always try to make sure you have a false slide to help bring your HP, hit points to one very easily.

2. Use status effects like Sleep Powder, etc.

One of the best ways to capture Pokémon is by using Status Effect moves on them. Catch a Pokémon like Butterfree or Venasaur and use moves like Sleep Powder on them so you can easily put them to sleep. You can also use other Pokémon to help them sleep as such. Things like hypnosis can be used by Pokémon called Gastly, Hypno, Gengar, etc. Stun Spore is also a great move to use and use on a Pokémon to help catch it more easily in the wild while playing Pokémon. A better move that has the same effect as Stun Spore causing paralysis is a move called Thunder Wave. Many Pokémon can learn this move like Alakazam, Ampharos, Pikachu, Jolteon, etc. If you are able to stun and paralyze your opponent, the act of capturing him becomes child’s play at that point. The chances of catching and catching Pokémon are significantly increased. The last possible decent method for capture is possibly poison and maybe frozen here and there. Poison is generally not always recommended, as it increases the chances that the Pokémon may lose and pass out before you can capture it. Frozen status condition is very rare and difficult / difficult to achieve, so I would not rely on this condition to inflict a good and useful status condition on the Pokémon you wish to capture.

Bring many unique Pokeballs and in quantity.

Make sure to always buy plenty of Pokeballs to keep moving forward in catching the Pokémon you want to catch. Fastballs are always useful to throw in the first turn of a battle, as that is the highest use success rate for them. Then you can always spam Pokeballs for cheap to test the waters and see how difficult this particular Pokémon is to catch. Ultra balls and cool balls are always the best choice for a high success rate of any Pokémon in any general area. Whether it’s at night or in a cave, the twilight balls are the way to go. And other good options are net balls for water and insect types and heavy balls for heavyweight Pokémon as well.

Those are the best tips for catching Caterpie and other Pokémon in general. Feel free to manage and capture Pokémon to the best of your ability and always have fun with Nintendo and playing Pokémon no matter what.

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