Gofer – The Uber Clone Script

Gofer – The Uber Clone Script

Gofer is a super clone script with outstanding features to enhance your business growth. With more responsibilities to provide a quality product, our team analyzed the existing features of a taxi booking application and gave our best with new features and the latest technology. We create the best app with easy customization option to perform all on-demand delivery services.

Gofer is available on iOS and Android mobile applications. This super clone script has additional features for both the user and the service provider. This on-demand application is customizable and can be used in various businesses, including plumbing, courier services, etc. Our customer service can help you do your business with our uber for x app.

Gofer is Uber’s clone script for the taxi booking app. Gofer can be customized for use in all services upon request. It bridges the gap between the service providers and the user in all services. Gofer has all the trending features of Uber.

The purpose of our on-demand taxi booking app is to bring efficiency and increase business. Gofer is available for web and mobile application booking services with admin panel.

Uber Clone Features:

Easy to build your services on demand:

We can easily create the on-demand delivery application that increases profits for your business.

Custom profile settings:

Gofer has custom settings for both rider and rider and helped easily edit his own profile information. To use the application, the passenger can register directly from their mobile application.

Car availability:

The availability of nearby cars based on the user’s location will be notified to the driver based on the active or inactive status of the driver. If nearby cars are not available, the passenger will receive a notification as “Car not available”.

Rate rating:

The user can view the details of the trip fare before the trip starts. Estimates will be calculated based on car category, minimum rate, per minute, per km, and base rate. The distance is calculated between the pickup point and the destination point using Google APIs.

Booking history details:

The reservation history of both the driver and the passenger can see all the details of their trips in applications on demand.

Secure payment method:

The user can pay for their trips flexibly by credit card and paypal or they can pay in cash once the trip is completed.

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