Get Microsoft Office setup and experience all about the best features

Get Microsoft Office setup and experience all about the best features

This knowledge base will help Microsoft Office users to purchase a subscription to activate Microsoft Office settings on Windows or Mac. First of all, we need to purchase Microsoft office settings according to our requirements and usage. Therefore, the office configuration is available in four different packages.

a) Home or Personal: Within this package, you get four different flavors.

Office 365 home

Office 365 office

Office Home and Student 2016 for PC

Home Office and Student 2016 for MAC.

b) For Business: This package is developed for business class people to grow their business and have three different flavors.

Office 365 Business

Office 365 Business premium

Office 365 Business basics

c) For students and educators: This package helps students and teachers. It has two sub-packages.

Office 365 University

ยท Office 365 Personal.

d) For MAC: Basically, it targets Mac users and has two plans.

Office Home and Student 2016 for Mac

Office Home and Business 2016 for Mac.

The plans mentioned above, you can get them from Microsoft’s official site ( ) online or a user can visit the store to make use of these products. If you have already purchased the product, we can proceed with the Microsoft office setup process. Microsoft Office setup has multiple features that make your journey much easier to complete official tasks with ease and a user can have a great experience by following simple and easy steps to install Microsoft Office setup. Below are the basic instructions that can help you install this software.

1. Visit, this will help you get the details of the product you have purchased.

2. The new window will appear in front of you, the install button will be there. You need to click Install.

3. Once you click Install, you will see the download and continue. If it is the student version, you can skip this step.

4. If you have a browser like “Internet Explorer”, it will show you three options: Run, Save and Cancel. You must click Run. But if you have used a browser like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, you should go to the default folder. From there, you need to double-click the Microsoft Office configuration file and then you need to run the file.

5. When you do this, you will see the installation in progress from left to right.

6. Once this is done, you can directly use the Microsoft Office installation programs on your computer.

If you don’t have any purchased programs, you can also get it free for 30 days. Microsoft Office setup is available for trial students and trial base product. You can create an account with Microsoft and get a 30-day trial. After the free trial expires, you can get a fully licensed subscription on the same account. Although the free trial version has limited features, commonly used and widely used programs such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Power-point can be installed. If you are a user of Windows 8 and higher, with the help of Microsoft Office configuration. You can install Microsoft Outlook and configure email with any private and public domain. You can create a shortcut icon on the home desktop screen for easy access.

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