Five Craft Ideas for Kids: Eggshell Igloo, Puzzle, Construction Game, Paper Hat, and Mexican Ball

Five Craft Ideas for Kids: Eggshell Igloo, Puzzle, Construction Game, Paper Hat, and Mexican Ball

Looking for some craft ideas that you can easily make from items around your home? Here are five craft ideas for kids!

Eggshell igloos: Eggshells can be used to make very real-looking Eskimo houses. Use a pencil to draw doors on the eggshells and indicate the blocks of ice that make real igloos. Glue the edges of the eggshell onto a piece of cotton to make it look like the igloos are surrounded by snow.

Puzzle: A series of puzzles will be a good gift to take with you when you go to play at someone else’s house. Brightly colored greeting cards make good puzzles, especially those printed on heavy paper. Cut each greeting card into ten or twelve irregular shapes, then place the pieces in a clean white envelope. A good way to keep puzzles identified is to write a short description of the puzzle image on the front of each envelope.

Matchbox Building Kit: A collection of matchboxes (the kind used for safety matches) makes a splendid toy building set. The boxes can be used as separate blocks or they can be joined by pushing the inside half of one box onto the cover of a second box. Various construction projects can be accomplished with a matchbox construction kit.

Tissue paper hat: The holiday season is a great time to make play hats because then it is possible to find some large pieces of fancy wrapping paper. Try to find a sheet of paper that is about twenty inches long and ten inches wide. First fold the paper crosswise and glue it to one end. Then fold a triangle at the top and then fold the peak down. Stickers can be used to hold the hat in place.

Mexican balero: A homemade version of this toy is easy to make. Use a large spool, a pencil, and a flat-bottomed paper cup. Punch a hole in the bottom of the cup and thread a string through the hole, then tie a knot in the end of the string so the cup doesn’t slip. Tie the other end of the string to the pencil. The object of playing with this toy ball bearing is to hold it by the pencil and throw the cup so that it hooks onto the spool.

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