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Find content to share with your tribe

Find content to share with your tribe

This information was shared by Amy Starr Allen … she is an amazing mentor and teacher, as well as a successful online marketer. Your content is always accurate and useful. Here’s information from one of his online videos.

Content is important to provide value and increase value to your customers. Providing content is where you can show and therefore teach, increasing your value to your customers and your products. These places provide ideas on where to find substance that can be shared with your clients, followers, tribe, group, downline, etc.

One place to look for ideas for providing content is in the discussions you have on social media. Groups in Facebook, MeWe, Talk, and other platforms ask questions that people want answered. These questions can help you gather valuable information and answers for your followers.

Another place to look is at Google or any search engine. The keywords entered in the search box will give a variety of content ideas to your users. Ideas usually pop up as you type a word … just check out a few of those sites and see what content you can use.

Pinterest it is a site where people post a lot of information. You can find almost anything on this platform. You can see a wide variety of things being posted, from quotes, art, recipes, announcements, images, etc. The list goes on and on and this could yield a lot of content ideas.

The website titled ““takes data from Google and organize it in a way that helps you organize your content. This is a one-of-a-kind site and to really help you learn what the information can do for you, visit the site and listen to the instructional videos provided for your lighting.

Another website ““Shares and helps expand knowledge of the world. It gives you quick access to yourself that may not be generally available. It would help you understand different points of view and understandings that others may have and you may not. Quora is set up to answer questions. Ask a question and get answers to those questions … this gives you access to data and content. The search continues. Enjoy.

YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram Reels and other video sources have questions and comments at the end of the videos. Take a look at the comments and rate the common threads of the questions being asked. These questions and comments can give you content ideas to share with your clients, friends, tribe, or groups.

These few sources provide you with a start to an unlimited source of knowledge that you will be able to share and create content that brings you value and eventually leads to sales and profits. Good luck in your search for messages to develop your relationship with your client list.

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