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Don’t forget to celebrate!

Don’t forget to celebrate!

We are all so busy with day to day, busy with … everything! Housework, work, careers, children, schools, studies, errands, drop off, pick up, practice, not practice, exercise, friends (crazy that we have to spend time with friends!) … the list is never- ending! We have somehow managed to find a way to keep ourselves busy all the time. We never stop. Not for a second. Forever.

Much has been said about how we have glorified being busy. Someone asks “How are you?” and we answer “Busy” (sound familiar?) but I’m not here to write about the implications of being busy or to analyze whether it is a positive or negative state. I’m here to write about how it hinders our ability, desire, and willingness to celebrate.

Yes. Celebrate.

I remember reading a post about celebrating small successes about a year ago and it struck a chord. In that post, Minda Zetlin refers to herself as a child wondering if we have already arrived on a road trip and how that is reflected in the constant search for something better, never stopping to enjoy the moment and always looking at what comes next. . No matter how hard we work, how well we do it, and how things turn out, we are busy thinking about what’s next, what needs to be done, and we forget to take the time to stop and celebrate the little successes in life.

We all go crazy celebrating our son’s first birthday, but then the second year comes and the excitement is not quite there and the third year comes with a brother on the way, so before we know it we are overwhelmed just thinking about the next birthday or occasion. of feeling dizzy at the chance to celebrate.

Life is about spending time with the people we love, spending time with friends and family, and getting together to celebrate these occasions. Planning a party shouldn’t be a stressful situation and by no means should you choose to skip it because there is nothing more precious than seeing a child shine on their special day.

Don’t let the everyday get in the way of your next chance to celebrate. Is a baby on the way? A birthday? An anniversary? Is someone you know retiring? Will someone you love come home? Is a friend getting married? Is the weather cool? Well then celebrate!

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