Dogtra 200NCP Gold Review

Dogtra 200NCP Gold Review

I work with the humane society as a dog trainer and it gives me the opportunity to work with a variety of dogs and temperaments. Dogs love it when I come over because they can get out of their cages and play and work outside.

This is the second review of the Dogtra brand of electronic training collars.

This Dogtra 200NCP Gold is the second necklace in their line and says it is the necklace that is the best seller year after year. This is probably due to the fact that it is still reasonably priced, it is small but offers some additional advantages that the base model does not offer.

The Model 200 has the same receiver as the Model 175, however the transmitter is slightly more ergonomic for the hand. The base box is rounded at the edges instead of the hard box square on the beginner model. It is slightly taller but thinner in width. There are three buttons on the transmitter, the nick, constant, and a vibrate-only button. This has a similar feel to your cell phone when it vibrates and gives the dog the opportunity to feel a sensation and not a static discharge and make the decision to correct the behavior.

The Model 200 also offers a slightly greater than ½ mile distance range and the collar is also waterproof. The transmitter is still only waterproof, but in case it rains and you get a few drops, the collar should be fine. You don’t want to go out into a lake and submerge the transmitter as you would probably be in trouble.

I used this to train a dog named Henry in humane society. Henry was a hound mix who was always very interested in smells when he went out and needed to learn to focus if he wanted to be adopted. He also needed a job when he was outside so that he could focus his nose and efforts on a task at hand. Having the range extended was great as I was able to start tracking work with it. He worked with food as his main source of scent and with the use of a solitary line initially and this necklace was able to allow him the freedom to work away from me, knowing that he could be in control to bring it back to me if he walked away. That is the beauty of these electronic necklaces. They’re wireless, which means that ultimately you can get to the point where you may not need a leash on your dog, but have a way to get them to focus on you if necessary.

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